I thought the wait for a psychiatrist was long!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I finally was able to get through to the movement disorder clinic to make Jessie's appointment. It sounds like a great practice and the docs are supposed to be very good.

    The wait time is outrageous though. The next open appointment is in NOVEMBER!!!! I am just floored.

    We are on the cancellation list because the woman says they get a lot of cancellations. Hopefully one will come open with at least 18 hours notice because we have a LONG drive to Ft. Worth to get there.

    I am very hopeful that this doctor will be able to help us, but I wish the neuro hadn't farted around for a YEAR after symptoms started before he admitted he had never treated a movement disorder and didn't know anything about them.

    For now I am just going to let God handle it and be thankful that there IS a doctor somewhere who treats these and that we have an appointment with him!!

    The long wait DOES give me time to save $$ for a hotel room the night before, which is a very good thing!! We can maybe do a little Christmas shopping in Fort Worth this year?!?
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    Wow! That's as bad or maybe worse than trying to get neuropsychologist testing with an expert!! I haven't been reading as much on the board lately so I apologize but did I miss something? Did Jess finally get a diagnosis you are comfortable with or is this the purpose of the upcoming appointment?
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    We had an appointment with her neuro and he asked if we had ever been to Dallas to the movement disorder specialist. I was floored. This is the same doctor who SHOUTED at me that it wasn't a movement disorder and to get over it - in front of a room full of medical students! He even asked why we hadn't gone there before, since she has had the symptoms for over a year and anxiety treatment hasn't helped at all. I was/am pretty ****** at him for being two faced, but am ignoring that. He, and the other neuros we have seen, have all flat out refused to refer us to the specialist until now. So we have another five months, almost six, that she has to suffer before getting treatment that might help. I just pray that the delay in treatment won't mean that it has been there long enough to be permanent.