I told them to go home!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Jan 29, 2009.

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    Ok. It was nicer than that.

    Devon has friends that tend to linger. For a loooooong time. I don't normally mind too much because they are good kids. But, the one kid has been here for about 2 months. He goes home for a day or two here and there and then comes back. Yesterday, he showed up with another one of their friends. Uninvited. Devon had plans. And another one showed up today.

    He's frustrated. He told them last night that it wasn't ok with him if they stayed, but that didn't phase them.

    I'm frustrated. I have been beyond exhausted this week and I just want peace and quiet.

    Devon's at work. So, I told them that I was feeling really bad (true) and that Wynter's tutor is coming at 8 (true) and that I really want peace and quiet (so true). They said ok. :hammer: I had to SAY, I want you to go home.

    And the one that's been here the longest, had the nerve to act hurt!!! OMG! He's 18 years old for crying out loud. He has a home!!! He helps me out and stuff and I appreciate that. But, he's been here a really long time. We have lives, too.

    I *hate* being put in the position of having to do that. Ugh.
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    Maybe the next time they show up and Devon's not there, just tell them "I'm sorry, Devon's not here right now. I'll let him know you stopped by." Then just excuse yourself and close the door. It IS your house, after all!
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    You're a LOT nice than I've ever been. My favorite line was "So what time is your Mother coming to get you - I can't drive at night and I go to bed at 8:00." or

    "don't you have a home?"
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    Good for you! Nothing wrong with setting boundries! -RM
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    I am still black balled by the teens for sending the lot on their way! The house is alot quieter and my groceries are not all gone within days of shopping for the month. it is working for me.
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    I know where you're coming from. I was the neighborhood Mom all the years my kids were growing up. And I'll tell ya....I really wondered about some of those parents.....because I had their kids far more than they did yet they didn't seem to see that maybe that might be an issue.

    I had to set boundaries. HAD TO. Or else I think the bulk of their friends would've moved right on in. Don't feel bad about it. You need your down time from these kids too. And they really shouldn't be there when Devon isn't.......that's stretching it really far.

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    Don't feel bad. For years my home was the hang out home. I fed all these kids, they hung out, I gave them rides, they slept over, everything - they were like my kids. And then, thankfully, when easy child went off to college (and her friends too!) and things got rocky between difficult child and her very best friend, my house finally seemed quieter, which I will admit was a bit unsettling at first...now I love the peace and quiet. Now it's a nice visit when one of the old friends stop by to visit or call. We can have a nice conversation/visit and then they are on their way. Last week I even met one of easy child's old friends for lunch (he really lived at my house the most) and it was such a pleasant experience.

    Enjoy the peace.