I used the teacher and the kid fight as an "atta boy" for difficult child

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    Teachable moments are a bit difficult to find with-our kids, but it occurred to me that there were so many similarities between the situation with-that Fla teacher who hit the student and my relationship with-difficult child, that I told him about it and then said, "I am so proud of both of us that we have gotten past that point, and that sort of thing only happened at home, and will never happen at school. You and I have done a lot of work."
    This is also implying that it will never happen again, which I hope works ... (I remember once, my grandmother and I spotted a mourning dove nest under some bushes, and we were very close by. I was amazed that they let us stand so close with-o flying away, and my grandmother said, "That's because they know you won't touch them or hurt them." I said, "How do they know that?" She said, "They just do." It was yrs b4 I had the aha! moment where I figured out what she was doing. :) )
    Today, I added to the story for difficult child and told him that the kid in Fla had licked the window. He thought that was the strangest thing he'd ever heard. GOOD!
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    :beautifulthing::bravo:Nice one Mom!
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    Way to go!!!

    ...Now if I can remember to do this stuff, too...
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    Way to go!!!