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    We had my younger son's yearly IEP meeting back in April. Everything will remain the same next year (actually from 4/15 this year until 4/15 next year) except they are replacing his in class support teacher with a general aide. They explained that because he's so smart he doesn't need the ICS teacher and an aide will be there instead to assist him with organization, etc. At first I was ok with this but now I think this is a big mistake and I want to request that the IEP be changed and that this ICS teacher remain with him.

    For the last two weeks the ICS teacher has been out of the classroom because she has been placed on testing duty for the statewide tests. easy child/difficult child's grades have plummeted and he's really struggling to keep afloat. He's now got an "F" average (from a high B!) in Math because he doesn't have anyone in there to keep him on track and redirect him. He failed the last two Math tests which both took place while she's been out. She even said to me that she knows he did poorly because she wasn't there to keep him on track during lessons. I feel like this is a huge indication of how things will be next year without her there to guide him. She's been with him for two years now and he's done really well with her.

    I was told "off the record" by her that I can write a letter to the director of special services and ask that she stay with him. She also mentioned that if I complain that they have to keep her with him. Is that true? Can I demand that she stay with him? When we had the meeting I was told that they can always add services back in if I request them but why stop services when these services are clearly working?

    This is new situation for me because it hasn't come up before. Anyone have any experience with this situation? How should I go about it? What should I say in the letter? Please help because if the last two weeks are an indication of how next year will be I'll have to hang myself now!
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    For starters, you have "new evidence" since the IEP meeting - her absence is, in a sense, a "trial", and it's obvious that the proposed plan for next year is not working.
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    JKF, just a letter with your request won't cut it (although legally they can use a phone call as an "emergency" meeting and change the IEP if you Special Education dept is good). You will have to have the IEP formally changed. You will need to send a letter, or if your school is a good one, make a phone call requesting a meeting to update the IEP due to new information since the last IEP. You obviously have the evidence in difficult child's lowering grades since his ICS teacher has been elsewhere - it's pretty much a no-brainer.