I want to hear plenty 'cause it's week twenty!!

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    :its_all_good: It's Week Twenty - where has the year gone?

    We are shortly approaching the six month mark on many of our Healthful Living journeys. What changes have you made that you now love? What struggles are the most difficult? The good, the bad, and the ugly are all welcome here! Please don't avoid posting if you've backsliding, struggled, or just plain given up. This is a place for support and inspiration. Let's hear it......

    easy child did not want to go to WW last night because she was afraid to weigh in. She wanted to work out instead (remember our gym is right next door). I told her I didn't want to weigh in either. The exercise is consistant, but too many cookouts this weekend and I was not good about journaling the intake this week. But I insisted we go anyway. She lost 1.4 and was overjoyed. I gained 2 pounds and am trying to not let it get to me.

    I know I've learned a lot about the eating part of the lifestyle change, and I've been actually enjoying exercise for the first time in my life. So, I'm looking at this as a blip.

    Keep positive, keep positive.

    So, how you doin???

  2. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-I'm sure the 2 pound gain is just a blip! Glad to hear you are enjoying the exercise. Good for easy child on losing!

    As for me I'm still going strong on the exercise. I've added in a power walk at lunch lately which is great-it is about a 37 minute walk so I'm assuming it is about 2 1/2 miles, maybe a bit more. I posted in the gm thread that yesterday I walked my dog 3 miles before work, walked at lunch, and did weights and cardio at the club! The best part of all this is that it is so helpful with dealing with all the stress in my life!

    All of that is the good stuff. husband and I are trying to eat even healthier than usual but just started Monday. Last Friday, I weighed in and was up again. Not a lot but I need to reverse this trend. I think this week may be the week but I'm not working so I probably won't weigh in.

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    Sharon (LDM)--Wow. Learning to love exercise is a wonderful thing. I agree that the 2 lbs is a blip. (And Yay! for a week that doesn't end in "teen". I've missed the rhymes)

    Sharon (WO)--Good work with adding the power walks. You must feel energized to tackle your afternoons after getting away and getting your blood pumping.

    Week 20. I can't believe we've been at this for nearly 6 months.

    Dance class is still so much fun. I've started learning the Samba, which is very different from the other dances I've been learning. Still doing 2 classes a week, and a group lesson or 2. I get a great workout, and it just doesn't feel like exercise.

    My family is still keeping up with healthy habits (Yay husband, who has dropped another 20 lbs and a clothing size or 2). I am just worn out. So very very tired. I know I need to get more sleep, but there's always something to do. I think I need to work on finding the right balance between work, fun and rest.

  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    How amazing that time has passed so quickly.
    I have been somewhat off track with mom's hospitalization and all the travel.

    Fortunately, I have gone up only 1 lb. Today I'm back on the wagon.

    I set a reasonable goal and a dream goal. about 5months ago. I'm below the reasonable goal but not quite to the dream goal. I'm happy here. I fit in jeans again and feel good about taking care of myself.

    It hasn't been all rice cakes and salads but it's been empowering to make good choices and to have some control over my own eating habits.

    I have done a lot of gardening this last month. This activity does a lot to clear my head and center my heart. Taking care of my spirit is as important as taking care of my weight. All of it has to do with healthful living.

    Thanks for keeping us aware of the time passing.
  5. Loving Abbey 2

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    I am down 2.5 lbs!! That's 10.5 lbs in about 3 mos. But tonight I really binged for dinner. I tried to be good, I had a veggie burger with lowfat cheddar cheese and sugar snap peas. But I made sweet potatoe fries (store-bought frozen) for difficult child and I love them and ate a ton--like half the bag!! Oh and I had a glass of wine. And to be honest, I know I'm having some fat free chocolate ice cream tonight. I'm moving this weekend and I'm sure that I will not be eating the best at least on one day. I am hoping the moving will help!

    I am moving to a second floor apartment and just moving car loads of boxes last weekend was really a work out! And to think I only did one room's worth of boxes. I have a whole house to go!! I'll be missing my group tomorrow due to moviing but I'm hoping to be there next week. I've been lousy at posting the past couple of weeks, Im just tired. And I've been at my own pity party with the way difficult child is right now and don't really have anything to give to others. I'm hoping to move on from this state. Maybe it's part of the bingeing.

    Sharon--loving exercise is a huge accomplishment!!!!

    WO-You are really doing well with exercise and the healthy eating will fall place.

    Trinity-There are never enough hours in the day are there?!? Glad you are having fun with life!

    Fran--I absolutely argee that taking care of your heart and spirit is just as important as taking care of your body.

  6. Marguerite

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    It sounds like there has been some good progress for everybody (apart from that 2 lb blip - well, it's only 2 lb and they should come off really fast).

    I really don't know what is going on with me. My bathroom scales still say I'm 87 Kg. But the GP said ten days ago I was 86 Kg, on her scales. I think my scales were saying 88-89 Kg at the time. It's just bizarre. When I took Lucky the budgie to the vet on Wednesday night I had a quick weigh-in on the vet's giant digital scales and got 89 Kg.

    According to my clothes, I'm not gaining; I think I should be losing. According to what I eat, I should be still losing because I'm not breaking my diet. But I'm not due back at the GP for another three weeks.

    I had to stop exercising for a week or so but I'm back exercising where I was before. Also having problems with constipation - probably because I'm not eating enough overall. It's certainly not a low residue diet, just a low overall diet. What I eat is high fibre. It's just that I eat very little. 1000 calories a day, approx.

    I'm going to search around for some scales I can access more reliably, scales I can trust.

  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well - I have not gained or lost anything in 20 weeks - still......

    I have not found a doctor yet - but actively looking.

    I DID have a chance to cheat and have made the apple vs. candybar lifestyle change - to EVERYONE I know's surprise.

    So that was good - I'm haning in there - some parts of me hang really low. :tongue:
  8. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    "Swing low, sweet Harriet,
    Took four men to carry her home..."
    (two abreast)

  9. ScentofCedar

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    Taking care of my spirit is as important as taking care of....

    That's very pretty, Fran.

    So is envisioning our main goal as clearing our heads and centering our hearts.

    Powerful words.


    I am ashamed to say that I am still smoking.

    Sometime within the next few days, I hope to report that I climbed back onto that particular wagon, and stayed up there, this time.

    On the asthma front (I know! WHAT am I doing smoking?!?), I have learned what I CAN eat without experiencing a reaction. That has helped me not to feel so frightened, out of control, or hopeless.

    As I am having fewer serious reactions and am able to breathe well most of the time, I am beginning to feel so much stronger.

    We have been back from the visit to my mom's two weeks tomorrow.

    So that means I have been smoking again for almost a month.

    Like those of us dealing with weight issues, all I can do is to begin doing the right thing, again.

    Clearing our heads and centering our hearts...very nice way to think of ourselves in the present moment, Fran.

    I am smoking now as a comfort measure ~ but in reality, that isn't what I want to do, anymore.

    Clearing our heads and centering our hearts....

    Taking care of our spirits is as important as....

    You know, with everything else that has been happening, I feel like I miss myself.

    Sounds funny, doesn't it. But maybe, that is why smoking comforts me, now?

    What is it that Eckhardt Tolle said, in the Power of Now?

    Something about how our self-destructive urges can never stand before our own determined will to be whole?

    Very interesting post, Fran.

    And Sharon?

    Fran is right.

    It has been so helpful to have this weekly check in to keep ourselves aware of time.


  10. wakeupcall

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    Barbara, I went to the site in your signature about detaching. It's much better than the other detaching sites I've been to. I needed it today, not for difficult child, but for someone else and my position in the relationship. Thanks.
  11. ScentofCedar

    ScentofCedar New Member

    That's great, Pamela.

    As we begin learning to see our kids and ourselves in another way so that we can cope with our changing realities without losing our minds, that site is a lifesaver.

    It was for me, anyway.

    I'm so glad your friend found it helpful.