I want to talk about commercials.

In fact, I have a list of commercials that drive me up a wall. And I will get to them. But for now, before I forget, I just want to say that the Dell commercial (for the laptops that come in different colors) freaks me out every time.

When they are showcasing the white one, they show a shirtless man with very long hair and a thick mustache. He squeezes his eyes shut, then yells, then starts busting ninja moves.

That man. That...ninja man. Remove the mustache. Put on a shirt (or give him a wee bit larger boobies) and he is my friend Roseanne.

One more thing, does anyone know what song that is on that commercial?

Gotta run. I'll get to the other commercials later.


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LOL, I'll have to watch for that commercial.

I don't like the ones that the face changes on, like from an asian guy to a black woman to a white guy and so on. Freaks me out.

I have a DVR and I fast forward through things usually. Anyways, I was actually watching live tv the other day and caught that Worlds Funniest Commercials is coming on soon. So I set the DVR to record it. husband and I love to watch stupid commercials. Can't wait to see it!


OOk what about those darn tampax commercials. They got me good the one day. Talking about upgrades and what not then it was upgrade your tampon.. I mean come on already. There are just some things you don't upgrade. Others make me crazy but this is one of the most recent. Even husband comments on it now when it comes on. You know the teasing "here's your commecial honey..."

OK, the commercials that drive me batty:

The Honda commercials with Mr. Opportunity. Oh, and now he is cool. So they call him Mr O. "Way to go, Mr O!" I got his Mr O.

OK. The litter box commercial, for the self cleaning litter box, where the couple does rock paper scissors to see who will clean the box and who will do the dishes. The girl "gets to" clean the box. But she is happy because the box is a self cleaner. So she is dancing around and acting like a 12 year old. "I'm cleaning the litter box, I'm cleaning the litter box." And she looks like a throwback from 1983, with the 3/4 sleeve jersey shirt, and the Ally Sheedy hair, and the Roos...I'd like to smack her with the litter box.

Speaking of smacking people, how about the family that eats the Crunchy Cheerios. All bangin the bowls and the table and their juice glasses and "mmmm!" and whackin their head on the wall and playing the spoons...and how did a redhead mom get one redhead kid and one Latin kid? And what's with grandpa living with every family all of a sudden?

While we are on the subject of Cheerios, we have the Fruity cheerio commercial. Where did they find the kid to play in that? Are you telling me that they could not afford a comb for him? Now it is bad enough when he is sitting at the table in a women's watermelon colored sweater. Then he jumps in the bowl of cereal, and is floating on the Os. In khaki shorts. Because they match so well.

Oh I know there are more. But Seinfeld is on.


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I'm just glad that I don't see that weirdo "Bob" whose life was
changed with the use of an "enhancer". Barf! DDD


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My favorite commercial that's on now is the Windex commercial with the crows. The guy cleans his sliding glass door and the crows needle him to the point where he walks into it (because it's so clean) every time.

Honestly, I'll bet I've seen it 100 times and I still burst out laughing. :rofl:



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LOL about your friend Roseanne! I hope she's prettier than that!

The song is W.A.N.D. by "The Flaming Lips".

I don't know if you guys get the "Trunk Monkey" commercials outside our area, but those are always a favorite.


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I have always like Betty White (remember her characters on the Mary Tyler Moore show and Golden Girls?) and Lord knows, I'm a certified over-the-top animal lover! But that commercial where she's sitting in her back yard, in her little blue outfit, with a dog in her lap, going on and on about the mail order pet medications! :mad: It's not even a bad commercial. It's just that they show it over and over and over again! I've seen them show it twice in the same commercial break. They show that one, then some other commercial, then that one again! Enough already!

And have you seen the computer ads that try to guilt-trip parents into buying expensive laptop computers for their kids! I find the wording in them very offensive.

But I just thank my lucky stars every single day that they have FINALLY stopped showing the one with Jessica Simpson talking about her zits! Every time it came on, I'd grab the remote and hit "Mute" because her voice set my teeth on edge!


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I have trained myself to completely zone out when the commercials come on (if I'm not screeching "I hate commercials" and diving for the flickie, LOL - my kids now screech with me). I can sit there and be looking at the TV and not see or hear a thing. It's pretty funny, actually, but drives the family nuts - the kids because they are the ideal commercial-watchers, want everything they see and I have no idea of what they're talking about, and husband because some commercials send him through the roof and I can't commiserate because I've been on Pluto for the last minute and 15 seconds.

husband's pet peeve is how s-e-x sells everything, from shampoo to rice to cars to... you name it. Every time that rice commercial comes on, it's guaranteed I get to listen to a rant about how *no* rice is **that** good, LOL. He's getting very old, I think.

on the other hand, the feminine products commercials proved to be the perfect opportunity to explain that aspect of the birds and bees to Wee. But come to think of it, I don't think he's asked me about any commercial since.... :rofl:


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busywend, you showed my favorite one! Love that she grabs the peas with her hands.......could easily be me doing that for ice cream.....


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: WhymeMom?</div><div class="ubbcode-body">busywend, you showed my favorite one! Love that she grabs the peas with her hands.......could easily be me doing that for ice cream..... </div></div>

FYI: that was me!

(just kidding!) :wink:

I never saw that one, but I saw a similar one. A little girl walks into the house, just from school. She is whimpering. She walks up to her grandpa who is in his rocker. He asks what's wrong. She tells him that mom said she could not get a peanut butter sundae if she did not get an A on her test (or report card, or something). Switch screen to closeup of the grade, which is an F. You then see his hand use the wrong colored ink pen to change it to an A. Switch screen to the girl with a "huh" look on her face. and the empty rocker (because grandpa is already on his way out the door) rocking gently.


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I'd have to say my favorite, at the moment, is the Dunkin Donuts commercial with Naomi Campbell trying to dig a hole for a tree she's going to plant. Her heel breaks and she just screams "stupid tree! stupid tree!" throwing things and flailing about to some techno beat.

Heh...I want some coffee. :coffee:


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Geico has a commercial that just came out that cracked me up! Of course, at first I wasn't sure it wasn't actually a commercial until they went into their little "Geico" schtick at the end.

It involves Jed Clampet of the Beverly Hillbillies and the history of how they "supposedly" made their millions.

The narrator goes on about how he "doesn't buy the whole Texas Tea thing".

Of course, he got rich and moved to Beverly Hills by switching to Geico. :smirk:

Anyway, it's clever.

I like the Cavemen too. Especially, when he's in the therapist's office, "that wouldn't make sense to me"..lol


BBK, put the remote down and back away from the tv. :wink:

Ok, DVR is my friend. If I happen to be watching live tv, I flip during commercials. It makes my kids nuts cause they think we're going to miss the first few seconds of the show returning. But, I've gotten good at it and you usually flip back just in time. The only commercial mentioned in this thread that I recognize is the one with the crows...that is a good one, by the way. :rofl:

easy child is always asking me if I'd seen this commercial or that one. I just stare at him. He's lived with me long enough to know better.... :smile:

Oh...did think of one that I hate right now: the M&M's dark chocolate that plays the Adams Family theme song. Ugh. That song will be stuck in my head for days after that commercial. And I don't want to think of Cousin It when I'm eating M&M's. *shudder*

My son is a salesman's dream. difficult child is, too, come to think of it. So much fun to go to the grocery store with my son telling me that I need to by Febreeze...you never know when you may have company coming over and an unexpected odor on the carpet, he says. difficult child once told me in the store that if I didn't use Mr. Clean then I was working too hard. :rofl:


Ugh! I hate the trunk monkey commercials. The first one they showed was also used for a local dealership (not Suburban)...in fact they has several. Then they had a billboard on the side of the highway letting you know you were entering "Trunk Monkey Territory".


Ok. So now I'm flipping through channels LOOKING FOR commercials.

You all are a bad influence.