I was approved!!

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    VA approved my application for health benefits- I got the letter yesterday. With all the issue over mental health care, I had almost forgotten that this means I get regular medical care, which I haven't had in over a year. I have to have allergy medications/decongestant and haven't had a mammo in about 3 years although I'm supposed to have one once a year so they can keep an eye on my "tissue". Anyway, I was sitting here this morning feeling like my head is exploding due to having to use OTC allergy medications instead of an rx'd one when it dawnedf on me that I can finally go to a dr!!

    Ok, I called and now have to go thru an enrollment coordinator at the VA center so maybe it's still going to take a while to actually see a dr but I'm still happy. I'll be even happier if I can get them to cover dental and have this darn tooth taken out that was supposed to come out 3-4 years ago. LOL!!
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    Hooray! I know that must be a huge relief for you.

    by the way, you can get that tooth pulled for $75 at the local state hospital's dental school .. Oldest got one pulled there not long ago ;-)
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    There's something weird about this tooth or gum or something I'm not sure about- it goes over my head. And there's the additional issue I have about being awake during major dental procedures. (It is a phobia stemming from a dentist hitting a nerve in my face as a teen) So I've been told it will cost over $1000 but that includes an extra $200-300 for major medications to get me thru it. That's why I didn't have it done- there were so many difficult child costs that I decided it could just fall out. But it hasn't.

    I would call that place though and see if they could give me a deal anyway except I don't even have $75 to spare right now. I am very fortunate in that it looks like (if I am interpreting all this info correctly) the level of care I qual'd for by VA will cover all medication and dr appointment costs even without a copay. However, I don't think it covers any dental procedure. If this tooth is a real major issue like my dentist tried to say, I'm hoping I can get it considered medical and get VA to do it anyway.

    The advantage of health care by a military/VA agency is that they consider MH as medical instead of a behavior problem. The disadvantage is that dental sometimes is considered a secondary priviledge.
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    What a relief for you!
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    Glad you were approved!!!!
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    Hey K! Maybe the luck is starting to change??!! Hmmm, Hmmm?

    So glad things worked out for you ... you needed this!

    Bravo kiddo!

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    I am glad you were approved!! About time something went your way!!!! I am sorry you had to wait so long for them to cover you. I would love to see our military people get health insurance for life automatically. It is deserved given that at any time they could be asked to die for us. Just my opinion though.
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    I'm so happy to hear this news. That is so cool.
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    Great news! Hope you can get that tooth taken care of ASAP...sounds very painful.
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    I'm happy for you, too. DDD
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    Thank you! It took a few phone calls back and forth yesterday but I have an appointment with a MD for mid-July. I have to go in for an "enrollment class" next week- I have no idea what that is, only that it lasts about 1 1/2 hour and has to be completed prior to seeing any provider there. Once I'm there, I go thru the primary care provider (whoever I see in mid-July) to get an appointment with any other type of provider. Maybe the class is to find out how they do all this- maybe the PCP just needs to write a referral or something. I'm supposed to try to get a copy of my medication records if I can and take them to my first appointment.

    The tooth isn't painful normally. It only hurts if it starts to get infected and I try to catch that early on so I don't end up needing antibiotics. Or, if I get so stressed that I grind my teeth during my sleep and "push" the tooth out of position- then I'm in excruciating pain until I get the tooth back in position. I had hoped the thing would just fall out on it's own but the dentist told me that wouldn't happen, and it hasn't.