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    that difficult child would flip out last night knowing that it was one of the two confirmation nights and he will not be doing it. I prayed last night that he would hold it together and not get into trouble by focusing on what he was missing out on. They called today to have family therapy and he is still doing well. He did keep it together!!!:D and he said that it isn't bothering him that he will just do it when he comes home. :peaceful:
    Therapy today was intense though--I felt like I was being attacked by both difficult child and husband :faint:mostly about me protecting all the kids by not letting husband's side of the family or bio-dad's side know what is really going on with the family. I told him the momma bear always protects her cub.The therapist wanted to know how come my parents and some family know everything and I told her it is because they treat all for kids the same way and do not discriminate. They try to support all four.--not good timing after husband's accusations toward me about his mom and we just found out last night that husband's cousin only has a few days to live (he was best man at our wedding)--we did not tell difficult child yet. husband is still trying to grasp it. Unfortunately we do not know where he is living or a phone number or nothing.
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    I'm glad he is holding it together. I must have missed why he isn't making his confirmation. Will he make it next year? Confirmation (at least now in the Catholic Church) is a sacrament of grace and does not need to be 'earned' - although not all parishes are on board with that yet.
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    Sounds like difficult child is using the necessary skills to work through things that are stressful or potentially sad. Give difficult child a big high five from this board auntie.
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    Here in our parish the teens have to go to class for the school year, do a certain amount of credit hours of community service, write the bishop a letter to ask to be confirmed and the Msgr. has to approve for them to do it. He is not going to be able to do it because he is not here in the state and they will not let him transport. He also did not turn in his letter to the bishop use he was not here when they were doing that part of the service. The person in charge was really working with us to get the work done and was counting service hours from before so that he would be able to still participate because he really wanted to but we knew that there was a possibility that he would be gone.