I will be so glad when I don't have to deal with school issues anymore

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    easy child had mono. He's missed a lot of school. So I get a letter from juvie court wanting to do a mediation at the school. I'm annoyed and it's stupid and I don't feel good and am sick of the stupid carp that they pull. So, instead, I sent a letter to school with easy child:

    Dear Ms. X, Ms. XX and Ms. XXX:

    Due to serious health issues, I am unable to attend the mediation scheduled for April 16, 2009, at 9:00 AM. I am submitting this letter in its place.

    I am aware of easy child's absences. He became ill with mono just prior to mid-terms; however, the mono test wasn’t performed until January 22, 2009. easy child was under a doctor’s care the entire time. He was very ill with mono for about two months. There are several doctor’s excuses for this time frame. For the days that were missed in this time frame and for which there are no doctor’s excuses, I assumed it was understood that it was due to the mono, as the school was informed. Ms. XX was informed in writing, and easy child’s teachers were informed either by me or by easy child.

    Our doctor, C. M., D.O., has informed both easy child and myself that because of the mono, easy child’s immune system has been compromised and he will be ill a lot over the next year. He is ill on an almost weekly basis and still suffers from overwhelming fatigue.

    easy child is taking steps to assist him with getting up in the mornings, as even after 12 hours of sleep he is still exhausted. He has plans in place with both me and his girlfriend, A. B., to help him in the mornings.

    I don’t believe there is anything to be discussed in person that this letter hasn’t addressed. There are no days that easy child has missed that I am not aware of; and all days he missed were due to illness. It was brought to my attention that there are 3 days of concern for which easy child did not have a note. However, those absences were during the active phase of mono and I am aware of the absences. As stated earlier, I assumed it was understood.

    If there are other concerns, we will need to schedule a phone conference.


    Really. I'm sick of the stupid stuff. The kid had mono - and not a mild case. He was out the last 2 days - he had a doctors excuse. Yesterday they called and were all snarky about it...wanted to know where easy child was. I *know* they have kids that just don't go to school for months at a time. Shouldn't they be focused on them?
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    I like everything about the letter but including his girlfriends name and her assistance in the morning. It makes it sound like she lives with you. Some may imply something that isn't.

    I think/hope/pray I have had my last go-round with the school system. It's been interesting with Dude in Adult-Ed (epmhasis on adult) because whenever I've called asking information - like can we get a tutuor, how is he doing? Is he attending like he should? etc. I get very blunt responses like "I'm not at liberty to discuss Dudes schooling with you as he is 18 years of age and no longer a child."

    Huh....okay - well so much for "We can use all the help we can get."

    So imagine my retort when I (at my address, addressed to MOI) the school sent ME a bill for $35.00 for 2nd semester books and papers. And I quote -
    "Dear Mr. X - As much as I would have liked to have been inluded in Dudes school year, and did make several attempts to be a part of his education; enclosed you will find your bill returned to you unpaid. "IF I am not at liberty to receive information from you regarding said schooling of Dude as he is 18 - then I feel no responsibility to pay your bills. As he has no job at present I wish you the absolute best it obtaining funds for your efforts. " SIncerely Ms. X

    There are a few other letters I'm going to send out to the district and cc the governor (waiting for an election year) but until Dude is out of school? I'm just biding my time.
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    It's dealt with. The lady from juvie court called. The lady at the school did not send her a copy of the letter, just told her about it and told her I was unwilling to reschedule. Ummmm...no. I stated that it would have to be a phone conference.

    Anyway, I told the lady from court that there is nothing to add. easy child had mono and the school was informed. The days he missed without a note where from right after he was diagnosis'd and the school was informed. They want a blanket statement from the doctor's office that he had mono and would be expected to miss days. Fine. While we're at it, how about a blanket statement that the mono compromised his immune system and he is prone to illness and will probably miss more days. That way I don't have to take him to the doctor every time. Fine.

    So stupid. Don't they have real problems to deal with?
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    I hate this sort of thing.

    While I know they need to run herd on kids who are constantly skipping, there is no excuse for treating a kid like this who has a legit illness and is under a docs care.

    They used to pull this with Travis. Which was even dumber because honestly, he didn't miss that much school. He only missed for doctor appointments. Back then he was rarely sick, and would go to school sick or well.

    We had a few kids with mono back when I was in school........strange, school didn't seem to have an issue with the child staying home when they were too sick to attend. sheesh