I WON! The bus driver is in deep doo-doo! Shocked!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, Oct 26, 2007.

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    I'd just about figured I'd quit my job because things weren't getting better. I told the head honcho about the bus driver's blatant, almost prideful racial remarks and everyone seemed hostile. He called me into his office and tag-teamed me with the woman who is under him and it was a mess so I left, with a heavy heart. I didn't think I'd gotten through to them at all. Both of them were yelling at me faster than I could think. I was just going to hang it up and look for another job.
    This morning I got a phone call from the Big Boss again! He told me to come in. I didn't want to at first, but he said, "Please."
    Recall that I was both upset because these two were grilling me about my disability, asking me in a very rude and intimidating way (both at the same time) if I can tell if a child had a seizure or if my "face blindness" made me unable to tell. Also, the bus driver is such a racist that I didn't want her to drive my son. I was ready to act on the racist part and take my advocate to school, demanding my son NOT have her as a driver. It turned out, I didn't have to.
    Oh, did I forget to mention that I called the owner of the company and told HIM everything...tee hee?
    Well, my boss couldn't have been nicer this morning. He has suspended the driver without pay for five days, then said he would make sure I am satisfied with my son's bus ride. He told me that the idiot bus driver ADMITTED to what she said. How stupid! I mean, I'm glad she has so little shame over her racism that she admitted I'd told the truth, but how STUPID she is to think that other people won't be put off by her Slave Days mentality. Wow. I also asked the boss why my son never had his seat belt on. I knew Driver never made the older kids put their belts on because I'd come on after my son's route, and all the belts would be stuffed behind the seats. I wanted my son to ALWAYS have a seat belt. Well, when I mentioned that the older kids didn't wear seat belts, my boss turned red and asked what I meant. When I told him, he said, "THAT will never happen again. THAT'S what the seat belts are for! They're all supposed to wear them!" We talked some more and I think he realizes now that this lady is not only incompetent, but playing by her own rules. My biggest shock is that, after spending two months securing kids in wheelchairs (no small taste to somebody with a severe NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD)), I found out that was HER job all along! He was so angry at her for telling me that I was supposed to do everything for the kids, and SHE was supposed to just do the driving. He said, "You are NOT getting paid to secure wheelchairs." We also talked about the seizure issue, and I said that I'm not a nurse and can relay if a child is acting strange, but can't diagnose a seizure. And he said, "That's not your job! Just tell the driver if the child is acting strange, and leave the rest to her." Seems like after all the angst over both the job and the thought of this bitter, disturbed woman driving my son (let's not forget that she says the word "BLACK" about ten times every time I drive with her, and she doesn't mean the color of the car in front of us). I am excited about my job now. Big Boss asked if I'd help the new driver learn the route. OF course I said I would help in any way.
    I feel all the kids have won. This woman told me so much about herself and I don't judge people normally on "stability" lol. But this lady needs so much help before she works with kids. If I had to diagnose her, I'd say untreated borderline personality disorder. She's a drama queen with a need to be a hero to these kids and a real control freak, yet she had two abusive husbands who not only beat on her, but her children. And that's just the tip of it.
    I'm still in shock that anyone gave my opinion any value and that everything is going to be all right. If you read all this, thanks!
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    I am not shocked. You are a clearly intelligent woman with some challenges. You also know right from wrong. And how to go to the TOP for results.

    You are a Warrior Mom!!!! All the advocating for your kids has taught you how to do it properly in other areas also.

    I am not surprised this lady pushed her duties off on you. I am so glad it worked out best for the kids.

    Our busses don't even HAVE seat belts. I drive my son most every day. Even our special bus does not have seat belts, or an aide to help the driver.

    The kids are lucky to have you!


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    How wonderful -- for you, the kids, the bus company. Let's hope that the non-wearing of seatbelts makes it go from a 5-day suspension to a permanent dismissal. I hope she's getting a new route when she returns and some race-relations classes.
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    She's on suspension for her racial slurs. I don't think she'll ever drive for Lamers again. Certainly she won't drive my son's route.
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    I am so happy for you, it brought tears to my eyes. Not many of us get something good going for us when we have issues. I hope you are proud of yourself for standing your ground. You have done a great job. Now kick your feet up and relax. :bath:
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    I am glad that you got your kids advocated for. Sometimes I just don't think people think. I am glad that things turned out for the best for all of you.

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    Wooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :bravo: :dance:
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    Wow. Shock, awe and relief!
    I'm sure that your call to the owner was what did the trick.
    Shame you had to do that.
    Good luck with-everything!
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    Way to go, MWM. :thumbsup:
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    Simply awesome! :warrior: :bravo:
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    That is a wonderful outcome! I agree, the call to the owner is what kept the boss 'honest'. it is also possible that the grilling session they put you through was a way to check how strong your story was. By firing questions at you fast, they get a truer response. The occasional inconsistent answer is not a problem here, if the inconsistency is simply due to the usual response of an honest person.

    Your second responses today, when they asked a bit more - it does sound like the racist comments were the start of it, but now they have many, many other reasons (ones which even a racist would consider valid reasons) for showing her the door.

    The sad thing is, the bus driver will never understand that she has been penalised for her own comments and actions; she will put it down to 'interference by lesser races out to get her in a personal vendetta'. People like that - they can always justify their words and actions to themselves and take any slight as a personal attack for personal reasons, because it CAN'T be that they're not doing a good job - anything they're not doing that the work sheet says they should, is stuff that is just make-work, in their eyes, not really needed but just there to make the paperwork look good whenever those bleeding-hearts do a safety inspection...

    MWM, you go, girl!

    But it also goes to show, you take action and you have to be strong to cope with the process, it can be very confronting. If you take on a battle you have to be strong enough to see it through - if you are, you have a vastly greater chance of success.

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    The only thing I was shocked by was how long it took them to listen to what you were saying! Way To Go!
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    Chalk up one for the good guys! Glad you stuck to your guns and went to wall for all the kids who had to ride that bus......

    And you are right, that bus driver probably still doesn't understand what she said/did was wrong. Just glad she will find another line of work(and hoping she isn't around kids).....

    :thumbsup: :fan:
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    Good for you.

    You stuck to your guns and did what was needed and now she is gone. No small task.

    Well Done. :bravo:
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    Add me to the list of "family members" who are darn proud of you!
    It's not easy facing complex issues like you did. You success
    sets a great example for all of us. Congrats! DDD
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    Thanks, friends :wink:
    Bus Driver is in lots of trouble for not making older kids wear seatbelts too!!!! I never understood why the seat belts were jammed between the seats after my son's route, which I wasn't on. She would say, "They don't like sitting on them." And I asked, "Shouldn't they be wearing them? I know I want my son to wear one."
    She said, "C (her boss) told me they don't have to." I thought that was odd so I brought it up to Big Boss and told him I did want my son to wear a seat belt. He turned fuschia and said, "SHE ISN'T HAVING THEM WEAR SEAT BELTS????" I was going to have Lucas's IEP amended so that she HAD to make him wear a seabelt, but apparently it was Bus Driver's insolence and disregard of the rules that had him not wearing a seat belt. I'm a seat belt freak. I make everyone who drives with me put one on...lol. Did Bus Driver feel that the Little Kids needed seatbelts, but not kids over five?
    I don't think she'll have a job anymore. I didn't mean to get her fired--my goal was to protect my rights AND to make sure my son was protected from HER. But if she does lose her job, she can only blame herself. Usually I feel too much for everyone and feel too guilty. I have no guilt about what happened to her. She was a danger to the children. On top of all this, she told me she has insomnia and often only sleeps three hours a night, then can barely stay awake while she drives. Sorry, I'm glad she's gone. I'll post updates.
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    :dance: :dance: :dance:

    Sounds to me like she NEEDED to lose this job. Doesn't sound AT ALL like this was a good job for her to be doing.

    Good for you!!!!!!! :warrior: :warrior:
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    I think that's awesome, MWM. Congratulations. I'm not one bit surprised, because I know you. You're an awesome person, and you deserve to have your concerns addressed.

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    I'm so happy for you! Yeah!
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    Great news! :bravo: