I would like some suggestions, please, for a note to teachers.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Maybe its completely sappy, but, I purchased several nice hard-cover copies of the book "The Animal School" a couple of months ago with the intent of giving them to wee difficult child's teachers for Christmas. The story is written a bit more towards parents, but my thought was to write in them and thank them for helping wee be the best he can and for seeing the good in him.

    In light of recent events, I'm having a bit of writer's block as to what to say. I don't want to be totally cheesey, but I am really, really thankful for this group of people. They truly care for wee, and have set aside their personal agendas and learned what it takes to deal with him...they see the really great little boy that's inside that shell of "koi", as Step calls it.

    Even today, when wee was suspended, I got emails from some of these folks, saying that despite what happened, they are really proud of wee and how far he has come this year and to tell him to have a great break and they will be anxious to see him when school resumes, etc. I think SpEd teacher was about to cry when I picked him up today...she gave him a big, earnest hug before we left...

    So I want to say something genuine, without being overly stupid, emotional, or cheesey.

    Brainstorms and "starters" welcome.

    Or is the whole idea dumb?
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    I agree, the right mix of teachers, support can make a tremendous impact on nour difficult child's school year. It is amazing what education staff can learn from our kids when efforts are made. Our school assistant principle has truly changed because of our difficult child's situations. He use to be viewed as the strong disiplinary figure, now he gives positive behavior support in the hallways, checks in on kids just to say hi, and believes in second chances and practicing the importance of recovery. All because I pushed our school to accept our son back from an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement.

    I love the quote that goes something like ..."In fifty years it will not matter what kind of car I drive, or house I have, but that I made a difference in the life of a child."
    The teachers will appreciate your kindness
    Happy Holidays!
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    "Merry Christmas! I would like to take a moment to thank you for helping difficult child this year. As we all know, there are still struggles but I believe it is very important to keep our eyes open to the successes he has accomplished. These successes were made possible by your time and talents. Thank you for being patient and understanding with the unacceptable behaviors. Thank you for the guidance you have provided to allow him to learn how to behave. My outlook for 2010 is so positive for difficult child because he has the right teachers in his life this year! So, Merry Christmas and know that your efforts are not in vain and not unseen."
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    I'm sure any wording you choose will be appropriate, but I would include the thought that as teachers they have gone beyond the "ordinary" job duties required and they are special people you are happy to affect your child's life........ and you so appreciate what they do...........
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    I think you just said what you need to say in your post! See?

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    I sometimes start off by saying (for the Special Education teachers, who don't get the presents that classroom teachers do, particularly those that do pullouts)

    is that was is special about Special Education is not the kids, but the teachers... and go on from there.

    Nice thread. I hope to get a few inspirations!
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    Thank you for the thoughts. I love the story, and think it truly applies here...difficult child is very manageable, but not in a typical fashion, and this group has taken the time to figure that out.

    Since wee can't go back to school before break, I am going to have him help wrap the books and we will drop them off after school before break starts. Hopefully he'll enjoy giving his gifts and not worry about the fact that he's not in school.