IAT meeting today!

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    We had a wonderful IAT meeting today! It was the director of Special Education, the principal, the teacher, the Intervention Specialist, me, SO, our Case Manager from Behavioral Health, and the school psychologist. difficult child J's interventions are as follows:
    Reading - Weekly assessment will be read to him orally.
    Center time will be used to reteach vocabulary words. It will also be used to help with oral fluency.
    3 second rule to identify sight words is to be eliminated.
    Spelling tests will be multiple choice. Amount of words may be reduced in future if needed.
    School SW will see him to help enhance positive feeling about school and his actions.
    School psychologist will set up testing and get me the paper work to sign.

    Goals are :
    Increase ID of sight words by 25%.
    Increase oral reading skills to passing or better.

    We re-convene on Dec 4 to check his progress.

    The CM said that we could not expect better accommodations from an IEP. She was very pleased with the outcome, as am I.

    We are making progress!!!
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    Good news!:D

    Thanks for the update.
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    wow, sounds like a productive IAT! Great news!
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    It is always encouraging to hear of a positive result!! Best wishes!:D