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    how blessed I feel. Over the past week I've been talking a great deal with my sister who is taking vacation (or family medical leave act - she isn't sure which) to be with me at Mayo. She's doing the Mayo end because we just couldn't find staff/placement that could handle kt during times of crisis. So husband stays here.

    In the meantime, my sister has set up so many of th details that I've just completely not thought about. My brothers got together with my father & are going to use a week's vacation time in late April or early May to come up here & help Steve build stair ramps as it's getting harder & harder to get in & out of the house. My sister called one of my brothers & recommended that they could help me out by doing this; the next day it had been arranged.

    As men seem to need something tangible to do, the boys grabbed onto this as something they could do to help - it's physical & something they know they can do. My older brother & my husband are both gruntwork guys; my dad & younger brother are the engineers & design guys. Between the 4 of them they figure they can get this accomplished in a week's time. Apparently Dad decided he is supervisor & in charge of handing out beers.

    And I feel truly blessed that my family would take vacation time to come up simply to do hard labor & work on my home.

    Just wanted to share this positive with you - I'm so stuck on my family. Couldn't ask for better.
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    I'm jealous of your family. This is a very nice post.
  3. WhymeMom?

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    What a family you are blessed with!!!!! And a great sister for not asking what she could do, just doing it! Hope your time at Mayo goes quickly and you get results you are hoping for!!!!!! (Also hope the construction job goes well and no design arguments ensue.......hah)
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    I'm glad you are blessed to have such a wonderful family! And you deserve each and every one of them because I know you would do the same for any of them :)

    How long do you anticipate being t Mayo?
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    I got chills reading your post. That is what love is all about. And it makes it that much more special that you recognize it. Indeed, you are blessed.
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    How wonderful Linda. You truly are blessed with such a loving and caring family.
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    I'm so happy that your family is supporting you and helping with all the things that must seem so overwhelming to both you and husband. A long-term chronic illness effects everyone. Hope that everything at Mayo leads to a diagnosis and treatment that will help you get back into the life you deserve to have.
  8. Tiapet

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    Wonderful inspiring post. I wish everyone had family like yours. I'm glad that you appreciate what you do have. :)
  9. crazymama30

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    I am glad things are working as they should, with family taking care of one another. It does not always happen that way. I am happy that you can recognize that, and can find comfort in it. Good luck at Mayo.
  10. ML

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    Your family is reflecting back the love you have always stood for and projected into your life. I have always been in awe of your strength and kindness. I am praying for you and focusing on healing thoughts. Love, ML
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    You are truly blessed with a wonderful family!
  12. Penta

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    I'm glad to hear your sister will be with you at Mayo and that your family is pitching in to make life easier for you.

    Take good care.
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    Isn't it wonderful to know you are loved?

    My parents built a ramp for friends of the family (very close friends). It took a weekend, but it was designed so that it can be taken off if and when they don't need it. It was fairly simple to do. You might suggest this to your husband. Rather than a permanent ramp, I mean. If you want any input on HOW they did it this way, I can put you in touch with my mom. (my dad was a shop teacher for many years, and my parents built a garage together when I was a kid - ALL of it, so they have some experience.)

    You are a very loving, caring, special woman. It is only right that your family loves and cares for you!