I'd Scream But My Head Hurts

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    It hasn't been one of my better days. I should've known it wasn't going to be when it started off bad.

    I woke up to a horn being honked in the driveway at 8am. Now for most people this is a reasonable time to expect someone to be awake. But not for someone who has sleep issues and often doesn't finally manage sleep til 3 or 4 am.

    I look out the bedroom window. Nichole is doing her weekly starting her car, and Aubrey had found the horn. Would've been funny at another time. lol

    So I climb back into bed. Well, the horn has triggered all of the dogs barking. Since they are big dogs I have no trouble hearing them over the box fan I keep running to drown out background noise. After about 15 mins of non stop barking I give it up and go downstairs. Dogs still bark. Ugh So finally I round up my shoes and take Molly and Betsy out to potty in the back yard.

    Meanwhile, boyfriend has stopped by and picked up Nichole and the baby. Which means the foster pup Gracie is in her crate barking. ugh. Since it was windy as heck (and the wind blows our back gate open) I didn't let the girls out long.

    They weren't back inside 10 mins before the wind blew the front door open about a foot. I was sitting here at the computer in the kitchen. I turn to get up to go shut it and tell Betsy NOT TO Try IT. But of course she just HAD to and out the door she slips.

    Unlike her, she won't come back into the house when I tell her to. grrrrr Instead she seems to think since Mom's outside all is well and decides to visit the dog across the alley. Try as I might she wouldn't come to me.

    Now furious, I stomp thru the back door and slam it worthy of any difficult child. I'm surprised I didn't break a window. (did I mention I hadn't even managed a cup of coffee yet?) And I'm cursing a blue steak while once again hunting down my shoes to go after the darn dog.

    Maybe half a minute later she's at the front door barking to come in.:furious:

    Once inside Molly diciplined Betsy by giving her What For And Then Some. Molly can't stand it when one of her "pack" or "herd" or whatever dares to wander out of the yard. And she doesn't even have to be outside to know they have.

    College library only had in one of the books I'd requested for the research paper.

    And just awhile ago the topper to the day happened.

    Nichole has an IUD. But the last week and a half she's been having early preg symptoms. At first she ignored it thinking it was the flu. Then ignored it thinking it was the blood sugar. Then Mom bought her a preg test and it came out neg. She rejoiced and I popped her bubble by saying it could just be a bit early.

    Preg symptoms have not only persisted but progressed. She's now 12 days late. But she's having horrible cramps and her breasts really hurt, plus the getting sick in the morning like clockwork.

    She came to me tonight worried out of her mind. I told her she needs to do another test or go to doctor so he can do a blood test. Tubale preg is possible, even with the IUD. She then informs me she no long has the welfare insurance. There is a paperwork mix up and she and caseworker have been playing phone tag.

    I did mention that the preg test are more accurate with the first morning urine. She's been taking them in the late evening. I know, it's not supposed to make a difference, but trust me, it can on some people.

    So, since it's not long before boyfriend leaves for work she calls him to ask him to pick up a preg test. This is so she can take it first thing in the morning.

    Now I'm sitting right beside her for this conversation. boyfriend was being a total jerk and a major SOB. Starts accusing Nichole of trying to control and manipulate him......Same old song and dance. Nichole finally, in tears, gets fed up and hangs up on him.

    Not too long after, he shows up and she goes outside.

    Now I'm thinking to myself, he KNOWS she's furious with the way he just acted on the phone. He was soooo worried about being manipulated, and late for work..... So why did he come over here?

    And you guessed it.....Big whopping fight time.

    At one point he throws my front door open and tells me I better come get my daughter that he's not being late for work. I told him to take care of it himself, he's the one who came over here.

    Next thing I know door is opened again, he's "restraining" Nichole and carrying on about her being violent....

    And I call out to him that she might not feel the need to get violent if he'd get his d*mn hands OFF her. Next thing I know she's taking a swing at him to get away.

    Sorry. Ya know, can't say I blame her. Only I'd have turned around and decked the jerk.

    Not too long after Nichole comes in winded, crying. And I'm sorry I just had to say it. I asked her why on earth she stayed in a relationship with someone who treats her like that?? He had come over on his own accord Looking for a fight and the d#mn drama so it could once again all be blamed on her. For the first time in 3 yrs she didn't defend him or take the blame.

    All that drama and Mr. Tightwad brought her the darn preg test anyway. Sometimes he just amazes me.

    by the way, it came back neg. She's gonna do it again in the morning.

    Dear God don't let her be preg again. But I've already told her if she is, her stay here has come to an end. One baby is a mistake. Two, you're all grown up whether you like it or not. I cannot, and will not go thru another preg with her living in my house. Once was more than enough.

    Tomorrow.....Well, I should say today.....Has got to be better than today was.:faint:
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    Oh my Lisa,
    That is a horrible, no good, very bad day! It makes you want to sing the "I'm a Toys R Us Kid" song from the other post (sorry I can't remember right now who wrote that thread).

    I truly hope Nichole isn't pregnant and I hope today is a much better day. Hugs.:flower:
  3. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    Sending you hugs for a better day. I also hope that Nichole is not pregnant.
  4. flutterbee

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    Ugh, Lisa. That's a why did I bother to get out of bed day!

    I have no idea how you can tolerate boyfriend without completely losing your mind. My first husband was like that (yep, when we were dating, too, and I *still* married him....young and stupid, but I like to say that I was being drugged the whole time...not my fault :D ) and if I encountered it again I would probably react like a screaming banshee. OMG. *That* would push me over the edge even without all of the other stuff.

    Rattling beads, doing the naked chicken liver dance that Nichole is not pregnant.

  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    You need a better blend of coffee kiddo -

    go to Kroger - get their Special Blend Roast
    get yourself some Kroger 1/2 and 1/2
    get yourself some Splenda 1/2 =

    And get yourself some Bose acoustical wave sound blockers
    And get yourself some eye coolers (like black out eye patch but gel for fridge)

    And get yourself a lock for your bedroom door.

    And get yourself a shotgun - with birdshot -

    One blast in the air, makes horns stop, dogs shut up, and stupid boyfriends head for the hills.

    Honestly - I have not a clue how you stay so sweet and loving.

    -Oh and if you do go to Kroger - get some of those blackberry tart things - so good with coffee....and then I'll be right over.