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    My mom gave me a bunch of old craft magazines that didn't sell at one of her antique sales. At first I wasn't too interested, but then Jess found some cute things and I started going through them also.

    Anyway, a lot of the stuff they have is not terrible practical, but some could be handy. If anyone knits or crochets, various issues have baby clothes,blankets, even bibs (one has a cute red, white, and blue bib pattern).

    The thing that really caught my eye is a bib clip. WOuldn't it be handy if you could turn almost anything into a bib with-o having to use it for a bib forever? The idea uses small clothespins with decorative wood shapes (hearts, stars, circles, whatever) painted to look cute. The pins are glued to the shapes and then a ribbon is glued to hold the 2 together - and you have something to make an instant bib out of anything.

    I can give/send more detailed instructions if anyone is interested. I think it could be super handy - and a lot easier to lug around than a bib. You could even use heavy duty paper towels or napkins if you watned. That would be great for eating out. If you wanted super heavy duty, those shop towels would work great or else you could use Brawny or Bounty. Then after you are done, just pitch the towel instead of lugging it home to wash.

    What do you thing? Good baby gift? Not worth the hassle? Great for the diaper bag or not?

    on the other hand, my mother has made them out of kitchen towels and bandanas. CUt the bandana in half so you have 2 triangled, lay the towel out, overlap the bandana so the long straight edge is at the top and the point is over the towel, pin and sew. The bandana should overlap the towel at the point hwere the bandana is just wide neough to cover the top edge of the towel. I may not be explaining this well, but it makes an awesome bib. Bigger than most, easy to tie around the baby, super soft, esp the bandana part that touches the baby's face, and the size means you can easily use the bottom end to wipe off the child's face.

    Any other ideas for new/easy/interesting baby stuff?
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    I would love the instructions for the bib clip. Several of Miss KT's friends are having babies, and this sounds like a really cute idea.
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    When you described the bib clips, I got a mental image of those chain things they use at the dentist's office... with little ducks and frogs and bears on them.
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    You said Bib Clip and I just had thoughts of someone making a bib out of clothspins.