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    My difficult child is 17 and has been a handful since....well forever. I finally have started to let go since in a month or so he will be 18. We have had every service imaginable. Wrap around, emotional support, TSS, family based and now he is on probation. I can say he is a little better but he is still not where he needs to be. This inspired me to go into the social service field. I believe since we have had all the services.......I know what it's like to be on the parent side of things. So I start next week as a if anyone can give me what expectations, helpful hints and guidance as to what you would have liked in a TSS please let me know! I know from experience how frustrating it is when you can't get your difficult child's to listen, obey and how ineffective some of our services were....I really want to be the exception. So any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.

    PS our brief treatment therapist has worked wonders. Although difficult child still has outbursts of rage, they have been considerably lowered in numbers.
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    Hi Missdot! "A little better" in difficult child-land is HUGE!! I think it takes some kids, especially difficult children, longer to "cook". Progress at 17 is great.

    As far as what I would have wanted in a TSS... I would have loved to have a TSS! :rofl: Aside from an Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who came to our home for about a year when thank you was 6, we got zero in-home services. I think the fact that you have firsthand knowledge of life with- a difficult child is going to be a real gift to your clients and their families. Kudos for choosing this new path, and I wish you the very best!
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    How kind of you to want to make parent's lives better as well as the difficult children lives better. You are off to a good start, in my humble opinion.
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    I guess my first question is... What's a TSS? :bag:
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    Loony Smurf--A TSS (Therapeutic Staff Support) is a person who implements behavior plans either at home, school or in the community. A BSC (Behavioral Specialist Consultant) or MT (Mobile therapist) will write up a behavior plan/treatment plan which the TSS must follow. TSS's spend time working with difficult child's during the week hours varying on what the insurance will pay for. It could be 2 hours a day 3 x a week or every day 3 hours a week and so on. If a difficult child is escalating or not staying on task or whatever the problem the difficult child is having it will be my job to deter the behavior and find a replacement behavior. Worried because my first client on Monday is not open to a new TSS/female TSS. I know we have had more people in my house than I can imagine trying to get my difficult child's behaviors under control. But I felt I had to reach out for any service available, I will try anything to help me with my difficult child, because he will never look back and say I didn't try, the school will never have an excuse to say I didn't do all I could do for my son. Because sometimes when you are on this side of it.......I think people are looking at me and my parenting skills or judging me. By all means I still have my own difficult child for sure. He continues to test me every day. But at his age, I can say you know what I will suggest what I can.....but time to step back. He is gonna have to learn on his own.