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    hey guys, my little girl is 21months old. when she was born we n=knew
    something waswrong with her was rather irregualr and looked like
    she paused every so often. doctors said she was fine but when since the age if 3
    months she has stopped breathing during thr night, at 10months doctors did a
    sleep study and found out she has between 400-600central apneas a night lasting
    about 10-20seconds. MRIscans came back clearn and a CCHS test was negative, she
    was given caffeiene medicine failed to stimulate her central nervous system
    (this is because they assume a chemoreceptor issue), oxygen lengthend her apneas
    and our current treatment a bipap ventilator hasnt worked they way they hoped it
    would and she has become dpenedent on it. they dont no what is wrong with her
    she is perfectly healthy in every way she suffers regualr secondary lactoose
    intolerant episodes but thats it! central sleep apnea has also been ruled out
    they believe it could be immaturity of breathing control! i am not convinced. if
    her new vent doesnt work they are halting all treatment and allowing her
    breathing to continue how it is without any support! please please if anyone can
    give ideas of treatment or conditions i would be eternally grateful!!!

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    Hi Piglettsmommy,

    While I welcome you to the site, I believe you are not quite in the right place. This site is support for parents (families) of children who struggle with emotional, neurological, educational, and mental issues. While a number of our members have children who deal with physical or biological issues, it is not a truly medical community.

    There do appear to be two issues worthy of note. There is a connection with food allergies (and I mention this because you mentioned the lactose issue) and breathing issues in children. Secondly, a recent study did find a connection between children with nighttime breathing problems and their mental and intellectual development. However, I do believe your question might be more suited to a forum that specifically focuses on sleep apnea in children.

    I hope you are able to find some answers to help.

  3. Hello Piggletsmommy - I wish I had some answers for you but I don't.

    I will say a prayer for you and your beautiful little girl that you find what the source of the problem is and can get her some treatment. I think DudesMom had some good ideas to start with.

    Wishing you well.