IEE- am I being unreasonable?

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    Actually, this is about the sd psychiatric's report. The sd wanted a chance to address my concerns and revise the report before pursuing an IEE and I agreed, with the understanding that I might still pursue an IEE. One of my comments (in writing) was that the report included a 'significant episode of aggression toward a peer outside of the school setting', and I knew of no such incident so I ask her to remove it. She has sent me a revised report, which frankly I have not read yet- I just received it this weekend. She also sent a letter addressing each one of my comments. She says in her letter that she was not going to take that out because my report to the neuropsychologist 3 1/2 years ago says that I reported that to her. I went back and read the neuropsychologist report done in March, 2006. It says "difficult child threatened to hurt a friend with a knife". Ok- that is true- he told me that if the guy did something to him he would hurt him with a knife. This sd psychiatric says "this is two incidents now (she's referring to him pulling a knife on me) where difficult child has had incidentes of threatening to harm someone with a knife so I will not take it out". Well, am I being too "cushy" to view it entirely different if a 5th grader tells his mom he'll hurt a boy with a knife if he does something and pulling a knife out on someone?

    Then, she says something about the home sd might want to do a Threat Assessment on difficult child. Ok, well the only person difficult child has ever actually cut or hurt with a knife has been himself. Her report makes NO mention of his actions to hurt himself or indications of self-destructiveness. Yet, she's thinking the sd should do a threat assessment? I'm thinking he's had them (as in- determining if difficult child should be inn psychiatric hospital), and will get them again if deemed necessary, but determining whether or not he's a threat to self or others should be done bu mental health profs, shouldn't it? I have never heard of a sd doing that kind of assessment- has anyone here? He pulled the knife on me- why isn't anyone concerned that he'll do that again? I can understand if they are concerned that if difficult child did this to his mom and said it about a kid before, maybe he would do it to a kid at school. But that is not what her report says.

    Anyone who read my first threads about this evaluation knows that I tried hard to be tactful about my concerns and not directly accuse her of being biased. I'm over that now. I'm going to write a letter back pointing out these things that indicate bias to me- unless you ladies believe I'm looking at this wrong. If so, please let me know so I don't make an **** out of myself. LOL!

    If I pursue this, I also want to mention in my next letter that if they are including her letter to me and the initial (VERY biased) report in difficult child's sd record, they need to be including my correspondence to her about this, too. I bring that up because difficult child's home sd seemed to leave out my correspondence from difficult child's file. Also, it really irks me that this sd psychiatric assured me that she would read the complete neuropsychologist report but not include details from it in her report if I signed a release allowing it. I didn't want that because of personal family details that teachers previously tried to play therapist with difficult child about, but I agreed. Now I find she has conveniently forgotten that promise.

    Seriously though, do you think I'm looking at this wrong? If she is going to include concerns that difficult child could hurt someone else, shouldn't she include concerns about him hurting himself if she's objective? Is difficult child as a 5th grader telling me that he'll hurt a boy with a knife (which he did not actually do or try to do by the way) the same as him pulling a knife on someone at 13-14yo? I'm not saying the initial threat wasn't concerning- if I thought that I wouldn't have told the psychiatric doing the neuropsychologist to begin with.

    They sent a list of 4 names- 3 of which are in the same group practice, of who can/will do an IEE at a Department of Juvenile Justice facility. Obviously, the sd is not going to pay for full neuropsychologist evaluation so if these people only do the typical things a sd psychiatric does, will an IEE report be just as focused on difficult child's concerning behavior without looking at the other things? IOW, can I expect an IEE evaluator to do any more than report their concerns? You know, I had the same concerns, too, which is why I took my son to the best psychiatrist and MDE team in this state to evaluation him. I can't understand why these sd evaluators think they are more qualified to determine what difficult child might do in the future.

    I'm so tired of fighting all these people- it really makes me want to just throw in the towel because I can't win it. But difficult child ...well....I know I'm telling the truth about him and he has no one else to tell the truth for him.
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    I would definetly ask for an IEE, but DO NOT PICK from there list! Pick your own! This is very important because lots of times the SD has that person on contract and they end up being biasd towards the school, not for the childs actual needs.

    Also here is a site I want to post that can help you and others (I hope this is okay to do). It's an educational Advocacy site and it's fantastic. It's a message board filled of Advocates, parents of children with disabilities, parents who have hired Atty's and can share knowledge.

    These ladies can spit out an education code faster than you can read lol.

    Good luck! The SD can be so flippen frustrating!
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    I agree that you should choose someone outside their chosen few to do the IEE. Over on Sp Ed tehy will know how to help you find someone to do the IEE.

    It sure seems that they are ready to tell you anything verbally but not to follow up on it.

    As for your correspondence in difficult child's file, to get it placed in there you need to write "A copy of this to be placed in difficult child's file and to be sent with any copies of records that are released by my signature or court order." Check the wording with Sp. Ed 101.

    Follow your instincts. All the way. These people are 2 faced or so it seems. I hope you have kept documentation of all of this. You very much may need it.
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    I most certainly would request the IEE. And have someone else do it, if at all possible. If that's not possible, I'm not sure I'd even do it....

    Also, I agree, a 5th grader talking about harming someone is a far cry from actually doing it. Unfortunately, tho, in this day and age, how does anyone know... Who among us has never said "I'm gonna kill him/her"?
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    Oddly enough, the two people I'm having difficulty with are from the central office for the DOE in correctional facilities, not the school itself. The people from the school and I seem to get along just fine.

    Now as far as the IEE evaluator, the director of Special Education at this central office told me that they had a lot of trouble finding someone who would go to a Department of Juvenile Justice facility and do the evaluation so there weren't too many options. Maybe I could call a couple of others and see if that is true. I'll post something on the Special Education forum and get there opinion about what to expect- I have a couple of questions. It would appear to me that if milage is paid for, an evaluator would not mind going to this faciltity. It is not a facility for high risk offenders and the school has guards in it- no one is going to "jump" the evaluator.
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    Shari, you snuck in on me. My son is in 9th grade now so in this case, we know that he did not follow thru with trying to hurt that boy in 5th grade. That's the kind of stuff in her report that bugs me the most- she read someething from so long ago that said difficult child threaterned someone and documented that difficult child had a serious aggressive incident with another child- not exactly the same to me. Then, goes on to say that this is two times this has happened now- no, he has not pulled a knife on someone twice. I understand that she didn't know details, but she assumed the worst (she could have called and asked me about it) and documented what she assumed like it was factual. Even if I get something in difficult child's file saying this is not true, which one do you think people in future sd's will believe?

    I'll read the whole report carefully after I wake up. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will have been revised enough to only have a couple of things like that left in it. If that's the case, maybe I can get her to change or clarify them with the agreement to drop the IEE. My concern is that the IEE is at public expense but must be done by someone "at least as qualified"- ok, but will they pay for someone MORE qualified? If I can'typical teen get someone more qualified, I'm not so sure I'd get any different results.
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