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    difficult child is getting an IEE and it's being done by his previous, private therapist from last year. I signed a release form so he could get difficult child's school records and stuff but clarified on it that it did NOT cover any info that came out in previous private therapy. (I didn't want things difficult child might have said in confidence to his therapist being written up in the sd report.)

    Today I got a message from the evaluator asking for a release form so he could talk to difficult child's current therapist in Department of Juvenile Justice. While I don't think difficult child has discussed anything with her that should be a problem for the sd to know, I'm not sure. I can tell you that I don't agree with her assessment of difficult child's or our family issues AT ALL. While the sd psychiatric went to one extreme in her original psychiatric report of difficult child (making it look like he was an antisocial sociopath), this therapist (who is not related to the sd but she does work for Department of Juvenile Justice), goes to the other extreme of minimizing it all- calling difficult child's issues "acting out" and basicly saying that it's because I've tried to control him and keep him from feeling "empowered"- and she says she sees NO antisocial tendencies at all. (Never mind that the GAL and people in the neighborhood, and others feel like the issue is that I didn't keep control of my child when I should have.)

    Anyway- should I sign this release form or not? I'm leaning toward "not".
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    I would lean "not" as well - the main reason being that this is supposed to be an *independent* evaluation.

    (The fact that I think Department of Juvenile Justice therapist is completely off base might color my opinion a tad. ;) )
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    Another vote for "no"
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    Thanks- like I said, that "No" is what I'm leaning toward. My only lingering doubt is that if the current therapist's opinion is reported somehwere, maybe eventually it would become obvious just how different everyone's opinions are and that is why we can't get anywhere and I am going bananas over listening to them all- they go from one extreme to the other- while I think they are the ones guilty of black and white thinking and I think my son is not all bad, but it's not all my fault, and he does have some issues, but they could resolved (or at least improved) if people would focus on how to help him and support my efforts instead of either wanting to write him off or tell me how I should raise him. The truth is in the middle, in my humble opinion, and requires flexibility.

    So how is a tactful way to word this to the IEE evluator, since we do have some history with him and I wouldn't ant to tic him off?
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