IEP and getting daughter into better program.

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    So aggravated at my daughters school. I have watched my brother make little progress in the 7 years he has been at this school. We live in a small rural community so I have little choice in school. I have spoke with other parents who have put their special education children trough our school to a program an hour away in same county. I have tried for years to get my daughter in this program but now am completely hopeless because my daughter has made little progress in the past 2 years. Her IEP is loosely followed. My main cocern in this program here is that she is in class with kids in middle school while she is in 1st grade there has been continuous contact (even though I asked via IEP there not to be) with a 6th grade bully who has attacked her in the past. It seems he has some jealousy towards me and my baby's affection and tries harder to attack her when I am present. I used to pick her up everyday until they changed her IEP to have them drop her off at home so I won't be in classroom to trigger his attacks. Yesterday my daughter was sent home on a regular general education bus with no seat belts or shadow. I thought this was dangerous because of her moving around and also if something happens to her there would be no one to watch her. When I talk to the teacher it's like I'm talking to a wall I hear excuses and nothing happens. I Finally got a hold of special education director and asked about her placement for next year to the other program but she said no and they were pulling the kids who go there now. This is the 3rd director since my daughter has been here. I informed another parent and she talked to the director right way and it seems they are starting a new program with a teacher they haven't even hired yet. I do not want my kid to rot in this school again for another year while thy get their stuff together. I want to put her in a program who knows what they are doing and have everything set. My daughters teacher is inexperienced and nice but that's about it, just nice. I just feel so hopeless right now I have no idea where to start!
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    Wow, since this seems to be a pattern with this school, I don't see any hope of improvement. For me, I would look into other schools and if it's that bad (mine was worse), I would consider moving to a better district. Have you considered homeschooling or online schooling? If this school is that bad and you can't send her to a different school and you can't move, one of those might be an option?

    If you can find an advocate to fight the school, that would be very doable. Are you keeping DETAILED notes about everything you see and hear including the who, what, when, where, how? Note who does what. Note what parts of her IEP are not being followed. Is the bussing issue in the IEP? If not, you can fight to have something suitable added. Just keep in mind, anything that is not in the IEP does not HAVE to happen, even if they led you to believe otherwise.

    If the IEP isn't being followed, complain in writing in detail. If she's being bullied, complain in writing in detail. Send all complaints to the Special Education director AND the principal AND the members of the school board and keep a copy for yourself. Call your state's Department of Education and ask them where you can find an advocate.

    Just out of curiosity, what is your daughters diagnosis (es)? What kinds of accommodations are in her IEP? What's in there that they aren't doing.

    Welcome to our little corner of the world. You have come to the right place.
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    She has Down's. A specific area of my concern in her IEP was her safety because she is very small for her age. They informed me that she would be in a room with older kids but when the bullying started I changed IEP to have no contact with the older class. Unfortunately they shuffle her around so there is little contact but there still is. Another part of her IEP was her transportation because of my work schedule (4am-12pm). I needed her picked up from my mothers house and dropped off at home. Honestly, I read the progress reports and they tell me shes meeting her goals BUT I have yet to see her do any of the things she has reportedly done. Also, her sign language (since she isn't very verbal) was mentioned in her IEP and was supposed to be treated aggressively but there is no specialist or teacher who is certified at this program here to help her so this is on the 'backburner' :(.