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My seven year old son was diagnosed with MID (a severe learning disability which effects every subject being taught).

In Sept. the school will present me with IEP for him.
This year was a right off for him. Basically nothing extra or no great effort was put forth to help him, despite all the help I begged for prior to the testing. I was royally P ----- with the school, teachter, principal,,,.

I want to make sure things are handled just right for the Fall (next school year).

I have no idea what I might request for my son in his IEP. I want all the help I can get him this coming year. No messing him and me around.

Can I get your help here with suggestions for his IEP.

Many many many thanks.


Hello and welcome

Canadian and US laws, rules and regulations on IEP issues are not the same.

If you were in the USA, I'd tell you that all difficult child's disability related weaknesses need to be addressed in the IEP including positive behavior management, occupational therapy for motor skill delays, social skills training. The IEP should also include considerations for handling anxiety issues in school, and teaching methods should be targeted specifically at your son's learning style(s).

Fine and gross motor skills are the basis upon which all further learning is built upon, so I'm very pro Occupational Therapist (OT). There are a couple of Occupational Therapist (OT) threads in the Special Education Archives you might want to read if you are not familiar with occupational therapy for children.

There are also threads in the archives and this forum on behavior mgmt, anxiety issues, etc., that may be of help to you. You can locate the archives by clicking on the "Forum List" menu and scrolling down the page.

In determining IEP items for academics, I find the subtest scores in the evaluations most helpful. If you subtest scores are not in the evaluation report, I'd request that information. There's a current thread in this forum with a link to Understanding Tests and Measurements that would be helpful if you are not familiar with what scores mean.

Ideally, an evaluation report contains a "Recommendation" section that is written specifically for the child and with the child's best interest in the forefront. What does your report identify as needs/services?