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    Just wondering if an IEP stays in place if we decide to homeschool? I know we can choose to drop the IEP but would it serve any purpose to keep it and if so how would that help/hurt/work?
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    I'm not usre about true homeschooling- you might want to post that question on the Special Education forum. If the IEP team places the sudent on homebound instruction, of course the IEP does stay in effect.
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    I know the current IEP stays in effect if you transfer schools but I'm not sure if you unenroll him from school completely.

    I would suggest checking with the members of the homeschooling special needs board at the WTM website. Here's the link:

    One of the big problems with dropping an IEP is that it can sometimes be very difficult to become qualified again so make sure that you get the correct legal answer before making any decisions.
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    It totally depends on your state. Here in Wisconsin you get no services if your child is pulled from public school. That includes even if your child goes to private school. You must send your child to public school. I did homeschooling and private school and the IEP did not follow us there although we tried.
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    You need to look at the homeschooling options in your state. You aren't posting a signature or even a state so it's hard to know how to advise you on this. Check your state's department of education website or google for a homeschooling association in your state.

    We HSed for 2 years in California and did it through a public charter school for homeschoolers. Both my kids had active IEP's at that time.

    If you are looking at HSing because your child is being violent in the school setting I personally would counsel you against bringing him home under most conditions, particularly if he is bigger and stronger than you are. Puts you both at risk.

    Is anything clearer about his diagnosis? Have medication changes been made that have worked? You haven't posted in 6 months so I'm just wondering what the situation is now.
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    Federal law IDEA mandates that schools provide a minimal amount of services to students who are homeschooled or in private schools. This includes Child Find, evaluations and I believe a certain number of staff hours which often means consult or in some cases therapies. For example, students who attend private preschool often receive speech services through the local public school district. Often these are limited and may be inconvenient but the states cannot opt out of what federal law mandates.

    This is the section of IDEA that addresses students that are parent placed in private settings. In reading this I suspect the IEP would only remain current and in place if he qualified for any of the limited services in a private setting unless as rlsnight mentioned the state makes provisions in how the homeschools are set up or regulated.
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    Ok, thanks. We sure got nothing. And I was told by others that they weren't offered anything either. And the public school said they couldn't get anything. Is this new?

    I do think all states are different though. Not sure. You don't get much help in WI if you pull out of public school and where I live there are no charter schools.