iep-kids that have trouble getting to school

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. klmno

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    For those who have trouble getting your kids to school sometimes- do you have anything written in the iep for it? If so, what section and how is it spelled out?

    Here, if there are a certain number of absences or tardies and nothing like an iep covers it, it has to be reported legally, excused or not, and the parent has to answer in court for it.
  2. smallworld

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    How many absences and tardies are allowed in a year? How many does your difficult child have?
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    I think 10 are allowed for the entire year if they are excused and 5 if they are unexcused. He has 4 excused absences, 1 excused tardy, and 1 unexcused tardy, plus today he missed half a day and I think they might wait until I talk with the principal tomorrow to determine if today is excused or not. The excused absences were seriously illness due to a bug going around (two separate occasions). But, it is only Oct. and school lasts until the middle of June.

    I wouldn't want difficult child to know that he had some coverage for being absent or late but I have to be realistic about this.

    Oh- but he is on probation with a suspended sentence and his court order specificaly lists "no unexcused absences or tardies" as one of his requirements, so the po will definitely take this to the judge before he reaches the school's limit unless I can get it excused.