IEP meeting and dealing with his dad

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by snees, Oct 14, 2014.

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    My eight year old ds with mixed receptive/expressive language disorder, severe ADHD and most likely borderline IQ had his IEP this quarter. He is such a sweet child and is doing much better socially this year. I am separating from his father next week and taking all of my three kids with me. We are moving down the street. DS will remain in the same school. Didn't tell the teachers as his father showed up for the meeting and didn't want this to end up being an argument with dad. The staff suggested testing for IQ which I agreed to. Worry for my son though.
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    It sounds like you are prepared for the change causing him some issues. I would send an email to the IEP group and his teachers and let them know so that they are prepared. Unfortunately even kids with special needs have to be able to face issues like this and they survive.
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    I agree with dtsc! It's very important school be kept informed so they look for any red flags that might arise and address them.