IEP Meeting today

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by JJJ, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. JJJ

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    Wish me luck, I have yet another IEP meeting today. I spoke with our Special Education director and asked if we could "split the meeting" do the first part and then dismiss Dumb & Dumber and then hold the 2nd part of the meeting with the most limited number of staff possible. She said she would think about what options we had.

    Please pray that I get placement at the day treatment school.

    Course it could be irrelevant because I just spoke with our DCFS case manager and she recommended that we do a lock out and refuse to pick Kanga up. I'm so scared of that route. I do not want to give up our parental rights.
  2. crazymama30

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    Good luck. I hope things go well, you have been thru so much lately.
  3. nvts

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    Triple J: How'd the meeting go? We're on pins and needles here!!!!

  4. JJJ

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    Well, the meeting was as successful as I could have hoped for!!! Kanga was placed in the local day treatment school. The majority of the meeting was pushed off until the next mtg that will only include staff from the day treatment school. No more Dumb & Dumber!!!!