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    Actually, it was the ETR, which I have no idea what stands for. But, it was the re-evaluation meeting.

    difficult child was approved for continuing services. Everyone involved really seems to have a grasp on difficult child and her struggles and they really try to help her. Maybe not so much her guidance counselor, but she goes along with whatever the others say. Fine with me. It's the same guidance counselor easy child had, and I think she's just getting her time in until retirement. Anyway, huge improvement over what was (wasn't) done in middle school.

    After the meeting, a few of us had a separate meeting with difficult child and PCA to go over the IEP and what wasn't being followed (basically all of it). The SpEd interventionist assigned to difficult child is going to follow up on that and make sure it's being followed.

    At semester change, they are going to switch her study hall to an academic assist class. It's basically a study hall with only about 6 or 7 kids and a teacher that helps with homework. This teacher will also be responsible for making sure the IEP is followed.

    Overall, it was a good meeting. I feel confident that if we need to make changes, they will be willing to work with me. It's kind of sad that it had to take until high school to get this kind of cooperation, but I'm glad we have it. It also helps that difficult child is being more open about what she struggles with. I guess it adds some validation that it's not just an overprotective mom. I think mainly, though, that it's the people involved. It seems that in the past the school looked at the IEP as a major inconvenience to them. Not the case at the high school.
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    Oh...and she tested above high school level for both reading and writing. :D
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    Glad to hear the team is such a good one! I think it's great that the service are really helping. Great news on her reading and writing tests!