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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by HaoZi, Apr 21, 2013.

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    Have an IEP meeting on Tuesday. Seems I filled out the paperwork for the advocate wrong (put my name where Storm's goes where it says "Client") and I need to do the paperwork over. She wanted me to come up there to re-do it and it just wasn't possible, as every available day there was appointment for either me or Storm. So hopefully can get that done before the meeting. I don't know, I left her a voicemail to that effect, but she doesn't work on Fridays, gets off work at 3, and I don't get off work until 2 to return her calls. So... not sure if I'll even have an advocate going into this meeting.

    I will, however, have Storm's therapist and caseworker there (caseworker sees Storm both in and out of school and works closely with her therapist). So, wish me luck!
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    Praying, pretzeling, and sending good vibes your way. It's sad that you have to redo all the paperwork. Why can't they just cross out your name and put Storm's? Or better yet, bring the forms to the meeting so YOU can scratch out your name and put hers. There's a novel idea. Sheesh....political red tape.....grrrrr.
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    Yes, when I left her a voicemail I suggested I could show up at the IEP meeting a little early to redo the paperwork. If she doesn't show because of the paperwork and the school doesn't want to cooperate because I don't have an advocate, I've learned the magic word: "Continuance."
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    Good for you. You go girl!!
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    Sending good thoughts your way!!
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    Positive thoughts.......

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    Fingers crossed. DDD
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    Oh heavens, couldn't they just tipp-ex out your name and replace it by Storm's? However long I live I will never understand the laborious and sadistic thinking of the Bureaucratic Mind :)
    That said, do hope things go well for you tomorrow.