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    so i have a question, i met with the school pyschiatrist today regarding forwarding difficult child's testing to the Special Education committee to set up proceedings to get either an iep or an iap in place.

    he's trying to push me for an iap. so yes i'm confused. obviously provisions of some type need to be put in place for difficult child, yet what even?

    i sat and thought of her varying issues, first and foremost during the school day is her anxiety level frequent nurse well as her start time for the day. if she isn't able to sleep the night before getting her up at 730 a.m. is very difficult, especially if she's gone to bed at 2 a.m.

    so question is i guess, am i better off fighitng for the full iep? or the iap? which is just a 504 as many of you know. and what type of provisions should be made for difficult child?
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    My opinion- she needs an IEP.
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    their saying to me that i'd have to prove that her academics have fallen considerably in order to get that. i thought iep also. yet who truly determines that the Special Education committee board? their also pushing me on mentally disturbed i said no way, health other. their being difficult already.........
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    they said due to her varying diagnosis's emotionally disturbed sorry that was the choice was the best, i said what's in the which box we check off? i said to the contrary all the varying diagnosis's say to me and logically speak, health other impaired. i think i have alot of hw to do prior to this initial meeting with the committee.
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    A helpful website about sped law:

    For a child to qualify for an IEP, two conditions must be met: First, she must have a disability. Second, the disability must have a significant impact on her ability to access her education.
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    thank u!!

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    Never heard of a 504 plan being called an AIP....

    504's are pretty worthless, in my opinion.

    It doesn't matter what category a student qualifies under IDEA. The IEP is to be designed according to the unique needs of the child -- period.

    Through this board and via other means, I heard of sds requiring students with-ED designations to be in self-contained classrooms, yadda, yadda. Not true. All students should be educated in the LRE.

    I've heard that a student qualifying with-a learning disability can't get a related service such as Occupational Therapist (OT). All bunk.

    Be sure and check out the Sp Ed archives -- all kinds of good info there. I think there's a thread about bipolar students being classified OHI rather than ED.

    But again, doesn't matter (except to parents sometimes. lol) Assume there were two students with-the same level of bipolar, same symptoms, same academic performance/ability, etc.; and one is classified as ED, the other OHI. Each one is entitled to the exact same thing as the other (assuming their unique needs are the same).
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    My sd tells me differently- Now, I think Sheila is correct, however, the sd's position leaves me having to either fight to prove this, or accept what they are willing to offer. The difference it makes in difficult child's case is that having an IEP with an ED classification means that he's on the IEP because his behavior effects learning, so they only want to deal with behavior issues in his iep. If he had the OHI class., they would be more open to looking at other accommodations and would have to take the focus off this just being behavior management. I'm not saying this is the way it is supposed to be, just that this is what I'm dealing with at difficult child's school. I have been told that here anyway, a kid with ED is automatically viewed as a behavior issue by teachers and a kid with OHI might be viewed as having serious issues that may never be helped (ie- the kid can get pushed aside academicly). I know that isn't the intent of the law, but how can you change all those pre-conceived ideas?

    difficult child's 3 year evaluation is coming due in a few months. Since he didn't have the BiPolar (BP) diagnosis when he was first put on an IEP and classified as ED, I'm going to push for the OHI class. change. I've brought this up to them a few times during the past year (since getting the diagnosis)- they don't want to change it. My gut tells me if they were accommodating the kids as needed, regardless of the class., they wouldn't cared if the class. changed or not.
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    My son has an IEP with an ED coding. He couldn't really be coded with anything else because it is his emotional issues that are affecting his ability to access his education. In his case, his emotional issues cause "shutdown," which results in not doing classwork and homework. His accommodations include preferential seating, class notes, use of a computer, etc. These accommodations could be provided to any sped student, whether he has an Learning Disability (LD), ADHD or BiPolar (BP), if that's what will help him access his education. My son's services include placement in a self-contained program for socially and emotionally fragile students, who have a variety of dxes, including AS/High-Functioning Autism (HFA), anxiety, depression and BiPolar (BP). Some have ED codes and others don't, but they all need this program to access their education. Sheila is right that the IEP is designed for each individual child, not by the diagnosis.

    Klmno, you should ask your SD where in the sped regs it says an IEP with ED coding has to address behavior only.
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    did you mean school psychologist? I've never heard of a school having their own psychiatrist before.
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    thanks guys, lots of good info, trying to get difficult child going on hw for 1 1/2 hours now.....ugh.

    it's very confusing to say the least, so is whatever it is difficult child goes through. this week participating in class, raising hand, sleeping at night takes while with meditation to get her down but sleeping by midnight most nights for us is good. i feel like i want to remove my head for a week or so? ever get that feeling?
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    My difficult child just got her iep today and that is what is stated Mentally disturbed, did they full explain to you what that ment?