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    I need help. I am a teacher and a mother of a child with a learning disability. The school has fought me all year long following my child's IEP. She is not given the opportunity to re-do failing assignments on a regular basis, she does not get modified test formats, she is not allow additional time on assignments, and the principal doesnt believe me.
    Teachers won't allow any graded papers to go home so I can see them, I must make an appointment to view her work. I can't help her with any subject area becuase I am not informed about her progress since I get no work. I have had meetings with the teachers, principal,a dn the district to no avail.
    I show the principal her grades so that she can see that my child has assignments that need to be re-done but the principal says they are following the IEP. Now, she doesn't take my emails or phone calls and will not answer me at all. Last week her Special Education teacher told my daughter she has a learning disability (I asked them not to tell my daughter right now) and then told her that she isnt smart enough to be a doctor so she should try being a tech or something else.
    I can't begin to tell you how angry I am over this. I wanted to put her in front of the ethics committee. Speaking of ethics committee, instead of the superintendent helping me resolve this issue, he threatened my teaching license by saying he was going to put me in front of the ethics committee for causing such a stink about my child's IEP. They don't care about my daughter, they just want me to shut up. I told him he could have my teaching license because I would gladly give up my job to protect my child's rights.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for making them comply other than suing? I will ultimately do that if necessary, but as you know, teachers don't make lots of money and it will surely hurt my pocket to hire an attorney.
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    wow wow is all i can say. I have never heard such a bind boggling story. welcome here by the way. others will follow in time

    ok, how is she doing? your daughter that is. the number of mistakes this school district has pulled is beyond my understand and apparently yours.

    So, you have tried to go above the prinicipal teacher?? you have emailed all your requests, not just phone so that you have a paper trail? are there any other schools in the area she can go to?? I wouldtn' even want to send my child.

    what grade is she in again, did you write that? I'd be on the phone with an education attorney immediately. They normally give free consultations at least here in new york. bring all that you have, sent emails etc. tell them the story. i'd also call an iep mtg. immediately however you have to do that.

    is there anyway you can have a advocate join you in the meeting, as well as her current team of doctors?? tell them what is going on. if their doing this to your child their doing it to others. I would begin by calling an attorney get the free consultation if you can, than contact whatever team of doctors she has and see if they would be wiling to help you and show up for the mtg. that you will call, than look on line for advocates in your area as well. below i put some links for your state. the first is a group of advocates that you can call in tennessse to help you. the other is attorneys who do free consultations in your state that handle education.

    id' go in with everything i have doctors', logs of all your calls, emails etc. her current condition emotionally due to being told such important information by a school staff member against parents wishes along with belittling her.

    it sounds to me though this is how this district plays and it's sick. i'm so sorry you are dealing with this. does she even want to attend school after all this has happened??

    welcome again
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    WOW ! I cannot believe what I am reading. You need to find an Advocate asap or even contact an Attorney. You my friend are being threatened and your daughter has rights under the law !

    I am also in the process of instituting an IEP for my son. Luckily we have a friend who is a highschool Principal who is going to be our Advocate. He knows how to read between the lines.

    Google Wright's Law and you should able to obtain some info there as the direction you need to follow
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    You need to document these conversations and frankly I would be carrying a digital tape recorder with you and when you have a discussion with anyone about your daughter's IEP you pull that out and say You don't mind if I record this do you? I just want to be sure I recall things accurately.

    That will stop the BS about the ethics committee let me tell you.

    But it's also really confrontational and normally I wouldn't suggest that approach but to threaten your livelihood is retaliation. And retaliation is SPECIFICALLY prohibited by IDEA and you can live as a rich woman if you can prove that they are doing that.

    Yes you need an attorney who specializes in Special Education law. You could call the Wright's and ask for a referral - heck for this they might even take the case themselves. And I can pretty much guarantee you that you will be told they will accept the case on contingency or a minimal payment once they have your records. I hope you have been keeping good records including teacher's notes, samples of your daughter's work, letters from you documenting your disagreements etc.

    Every state has a department that provides free advocates for families who have a child who is or may be eligible for Special Education. It is usually housed in the Department of Developmental Disabilities - or whatever your State calls that. These are attorneys who do nothing but attend IEP meetings and file due process or procedural complaints for families. For FREE.

    Here in CA they're referred to as Area Boards and they cover large territories.

    Here's a link to the one that covers West TN - don't know if that's your area but you can call them and find out the right phone number. They should be able to help you too. I would tell them that the school superintendent is retaliating against you and has threatened your job as a teacher and I'm pretty sure you will be talking to one of their attorneys by the end of the day.

    You absolutely need counsel before you proceed - at least in my opinion.
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    good information! not sure how big your school district is but where I live, it's large enough and powerful enough I had to contact an attorney outside of my county that would talk to me about my son's issues we had. And some of them out side of your district are aware of the difference between schools and how they handle things so they will work with you on the money just because it annoys them. That's what I was told a few years ago anyway. Good luck.