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    When we had gfg2s IEP it was a long day. As he is in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) he goes to the school there. So we had the IEP after a staffing etc. So there were a great many people there. I have no problem with that. We are all a team (some team members work harder and better with everyone than some do). As we went over everything I think I followed along well.

    Now when we got the written version (mind you in the interim the speech person called to ask if we could discontinue-not on your life-because she wasn't there) a lot of people were mentioned as being there that weren't. For example one of the teachers, the home school district rep, the school and other speech therapists etc were on the list as having been there. Now I realize it was a long day but they were not there. On the other hand some of the team that was there isn't listed.

    How do we address this? I imagine that when dhs got a copy (they are technically his guardian because he is in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC)) they just signed away without a thought. Is it ok for them to skp some and list others?


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    They didn't have a sign in sheet?

    IDEA requires certain parties to be at IEP meetings. Sds usually have everyone sign the sheet acknowledging attendance in order to evidence compliance with this requirement.

    Via FERPA, you have the right to submit information to correct educational records. See

    As always, send correspondence via Certified Mail. You can also cc a copy to DHS.
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    They had a sign in sheet but they obviously didn't go by it. They just put on it those they thought should be on it from what I could tell. I mean I made it clear the # they had on the paperwork was wrong also (how they got my old cell # is beyond me in the first place because I didn't give it out) and didn't change our contact info.

    I will have to send off that letter. Thanks.