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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Lyn8404, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Today, I talked to the School Board rep, that came to my house a few weeks ago. Within an hour of hearing my story about the school, she was at my door with IEP evaluation paperwork for me to sign. She encouraged me to call her every time that I have a meeting with the school that I call her first, and she would go with me so that they can't bully me anymore. She also encouraged me to attend tonight's school board meeting where they are discussing closing the school my son attends. I will be there, giving my full account of everything that has happened to my son at this school since August. I feel soooo relieved now that things are no longer at a stand still. Thank you to everyone here who consoled me since last Friday. I'm sure you have every idea of how much it means to have someone understand you. I will keep everyone updated on my and my sons progress.

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    Wow Lyn, now THERE is a board member who needs to be re-elected next term! I am so happy for you.

    You did a great job. Keep us updated on how things progress!
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    Here's some armour for tonight's meeting...
    Good luck.
    REALLY good you have somebody at the school board level on your side!