If anyone isn't tired of it, amusing update on Jumper and J's story

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    Well, Jumper and J have been dating for a year now and because of his parents trying to get J to stop seeing her for idiotic reasons and because they are very abusive to J, I didn't really want her to go to his house for ANY reason until he had his own car. I figured once he got his new car, if his parents ever invited her over (and I didn't t hink they would), J could just drive her home if things got touchy. And he would have.

    Around Thanksgiving, right after J's father climbed down the bleachers at J's football game (with his sister in tow) to scream at me and Jumper in front of the entire town he lives in, J's evil stepmother, whom he sadly calls mother, considered inviting Jumper for Thanksgiving. J still didn't have a car and they had called her a tramp in front of a whole crowd of morbidly fascinated people just the month before. I guess his stepmother decided that since he was threatening not to go to the family Thankskgiving at all that it would be better for Jumper to go than for her to be embarassed in front of the entire family and not have J at Thanksgiving. Apparently, this family likes to look good, even though they aren't, in front of everybody and, in spite of the father's screaming in front of his peers at the football game, they usually hold it together, they are devout Christians???, and they have money and practically own their entire town...so nobody dares say that maybe something is wrong with their stellar LOOKING family unit. I seriously don't believe they are close and they don't seem to talk to one another at all.

    The not talking includes the immediate family not talking to one another about anything, so starts the premise of this newest story.

    J graduated with honors last Friday (hoorayyyyyyyyyyyy for J!!!!). His family went to watch him, of course, although evil stepmother, whom he always used to call Mom, has told him she is no longer his mother and that he has to call her Jane (not her real name). J is heartbroken and has made many overtures to win back Jane's approval, but Jane is angry that J is seeing Jumper and dared to defy her holy wishes so she refuses to even say she loves him w hen he tells her that he loves her. It's a very sad situation. J doesn't see his birthmother and could really use a mother who gives unconditional love...but I'm getting off track...Jane also runs the entire family, including her husband, whom I will call Bart.

    J and Jumper are always together and always at my house. But Jumper has not gone there at all since the very early part of their relationship when they would invite her to family outings then not even speak to her and often yell and say abusive things to J in front of her. Well, Jane decided to throw J a graduation party. She didn't ask or even tell J about it until the last minute. My guess (and I think I'm right) is that she has to play "good mom" and it would look bad if she didn't throw him one. He asked her if Jumper could come, which probably infuriated her and she didn't say anything. So he went to Bart, who basically listens to everything Jane wants, even regarding his kids, and asked if Jumper could come. Bart didn't say anything. J said he really doesn't want to go to his own party if Jumper isn't there and that was that...Bart still said nothing.

    A few days later Jumper told me that J was informed t hat Jumper was invited to his graduation party with a few conditions attached. One was that none of her eeeeeeeeeeeeevil friends also came (the friends stick up for Jumper and Jane hates them an blocked them on her Facebook), and that (this is where I sort of giggle) both me an my husband had to write letters giving Jumper permission for her to go.

    Did they ever hear of a telephone? Jane could have called us, but Jane doesn't call. Jane writes letters to everyone, even J and Bart. She doesn't talk to anyone. She writes letters!

    At first, I wrote a snarky letter such as the type you do for a school field trip. Jumper begged me just to be ni ce so I wrote Jumper is allowed to go to J's graduation. That's it. Hub wrote a similar letter.

    When Jumper arrived, the first thing Jane did was greet her and J at the door and ask for the letters. After reading them, she turned away and didn't speak to Jumper again. Now here is where I think it gets interesting.

    Like I said, J comes from a well off, large, VERY (supposedly) close family. Except they aren't. Bart and Jane have been bitter and angry over J dating Jumper for over a year and I figured (with some fear for Jumper) that the entire family knew about my daughter, the tramp who made J disrespectful. I figured at least Jane babbled about her problems with J to her parents. And I figured that Bart brought it up to his parents and five sisters too.


    Except for the one sister who had been at the football game to join in the yelling match, nobody had a clue who Jumper even was. This one sister kept her mouth shut and didn't even look at Jumper, but the rest of the family acted pleased to see J with a girl. They, however, had no idea who she was and he had to explain that she was his girlfriend of the last year. She heard many, "Oh, my! Had no idea J was seeing anyone!" Now, remember Barts one sister knew about it because she was at the shouting match, but apparently she said nothing to her sisters about it. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents...all very kind of Jumper. I was happy, but...


    Weird, weird family, no?

    Jumper said that even Bart was pretty nice to her.

    From what I"ve seen and heard and read on Facebook from Jumper (who showed me), I think Bart is crazy about his son, although a bit hard on him. Still, he seems to really love him. Jane seems like a self-centered witch. Not only did she disown J as "Mom" but he has a sister and when sister didn't fit into her tight, rigid, ridiculous rules, she told Sister not to call her mother either. But, as I said, she controls Bart and everything Bart does. When she caught Bart on the phone paying some of J's college fees by credit card (remember, the family has lots of money), she screamed at him and scolded him to make J pay it himself. Bart did.

    But nothing explains who wears the pants in the family like THIS does and I admit I giggled, as Jumper did, when she told me this.

    When Jane was cleaning up after the party, Bart came into the kitchen and Jane shoved a sheet of paper into his hands saying, "This is your chore list! You take out the trash right now and then do all the other things I wrote down for you."

    I asked Jumper how he reacted. She said he had no expression on his face, didn't blink an eye, and started taking out the garbage, dragging her list with him.

    Jane has come between Bart's relationship with both of his children. He lets her do it. Jumper said she is probably married to him for his money because, when she and J were sitting in the kitchen, she was bragging to her friends about where she is going to get Bart to take her...all far away and expensive trips. She is twelve years his junior, which makes her maybe thirteen years older than his daughter.

    J graduated in a class of 50 kids. It's a very small school, like Jumper's. He is the only graduate going to college out-of-state.

    Gee, I wonder why!!!!

    I know most of you probably aren't interested, but I had to tell somebody. I don't understand this family at all. I am glad that Jumper is too young to consider marrying J because I don't ever want to know them that well and I sure don't want to ever share a grandchild with them. And even though they are both young, especially Jumper (who will soon be sixteen) they really do love each other.

    His going away to Indiana should end the relationship. I'll miss him. He's a great young man. And Jumper is going to be lost for a while without him. But I think it's best she get out of having anything to do with his strange stepmother who has such a hold over his father and who is so mean toward her (Jumper).

    Any of you ever known a family that is THAT secretive with one another???
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    Yep, mine. No, its not healthy and they really despise me because I tend to talk about things they would rather not talk about.

    J's mom is emotionally abusive. I'm glad Jumper won't have anything to do with evil Jane after J goes to school. Its really to bad Bart doesn't stand up for his relationships with his kids.
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    Wow. I've heard of families that fight, but not families that hide EVERYTHING. I find it really odd.

    Yes, it is best.
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    I thought my family was weird. But J's family sounds HORRID!

    However... IF (big, big IF) Jumper and J do beat the odds... I doubt you will have to share grandchildren with them... I'm betting they will avoid Jane and Bart... LOL!
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    Thanks for the update MWM. I am very interested in this neverending saga so was kind of wondering. That woman is a major control freak and Bart is a wuss for allowing her to do what she does. He needs to grow a backbone and stick up for his kids. I'm sure he's afraid of her OR he's desparate. How sad for the kids.
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    He's a wuss.

    I don't think he ever would have come down to yell at me at the football game without his loudmouth sister. He doesn't confront people on his own. He is always hiding behind somebody's skirt.

    Jane doesn't like to confront anyone so she's a wuss too, in her way. She writes letters because letters can't answer back to you. She didn't want to call me because I'm sure she was afraid I would give her an earful.

    She is very much about herself...I would say she could be narcissistic.
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    Dare I say that, since I also started a genetics threat, that my grandchild doesn't need this family's awful genes? LOL. Althought Jane isn't a biological factor, J's birthmother is crazy according to anyone who knows her. J has issues too.

    But, yes, lol...if they beat steep odds, I'm sure J would keep his child far away from Jane and Bart (maybe Jane more than Bart). So would Jumper.

    It IS sad for the kids. J takes it much harder than his sister. She seems less sensitive and more resiliant than J is.
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    Gotta say, that is bizzarre! In a 'normal' twisted family, EVERYONE would have known Jumper and how obviously evil she is.

    Anyway, I started thinking that maybe Jane did tell the family - via letters, but the rest of the family refuses to read said letters! Did the rest of the family seem to accept Jumper?
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    the family IS strange, but i have known families who talk that little. Not sure why, but i don't have to live it.

    BOTH of J's parents are abusive, not just the stepmom. Dad ALLOWS his kids to be abused and when ordered to hurt them in some way he does, with little or no hesitation. It is time to stop seeing the stepmom as so awful and the dad as a wuss who is afraid of anything. That is a pretty classic stereotype, and easy to fall into. Just because Dad appears to love his kids does NOT change his actions. Often doing nothing when someone is hurting your loved one is more abusive than anything you could say or do yourself.
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    Well, said, Susie. I can relate. My kids' dad lets their stepmom treat them like trash and won't stand up to her because he is afraid of her. in my humble opinion he is just as much the abuser as her. Maybe even more so, since he is their biological dad. Sounds like poor J and his sister are going through hell. Of course I don't know them, but I feel bad for them. I really do. Just reading this story breaks my heart.
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    Oh, I feel Bart is far more abusive because it's his kids, he picked this idiot, and he allows her to abuse his kids. And he's no angel himself on that front, even if he does love them. The really odd thing about the Jane bit is that Bart's one sister who knows Jumper told me Jane was a 'saint." I laughed, but said nothing. I wonder if they all think that she's a saint. She's a very immature narcisist in my opinion. Everything is about her and who is currently doing her bidding. On the immature front, she is 38 and her best friend is in her mid 20's. That's Bart's daughter's age. I mean....she can't have any kids and I would never ever say this about anyone if the person was halfway nice, but maybe God knows something...they tried every fertility method and she still has no kids. I hope she never does.

    Right now though Jumper and J. had a fight. Jumper wanted to go watch her school's boy's baseball team with J. (he was here) and he got angry that she wanted to watch the boys play so he went home. He gets insanely jealous very quickly (because his mother cheated on his father...but THIS is beyond anything normal). Another good reason to be happy J is going to college far away. Jumper is just laying around, looking sad. We told her to go anyway, but she won't. We offered to take her for ice cream, but she said she doesn't want any. Maybe this will be the end of it?