If difficult children used their master maniuplation skills for good....

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dashcat, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Gas prices would be .50 a gallon, world hunger would be a thing of the past and we'd all take beach vacations ever year...

    Just a funny example from last night: It was difficult children birthday. She's an only child, and is used to her bithday being a big deal within our family. We didn't shower her with gifts and, because of family dynamics (having to do with ages and sheer volume of cousins, aunts uncles) we never had big family parties. But we did make a big deal out of it. Breakfast, no chores, dinner of her choice, a fun friend party... DEX and I still did birthdays and Chrismases together until this year. He felt that, since she wanted this adult status, it would be a good time to begin separate celebrations (which translates to fewer gifts becasue I did the shopping and we split the cost. I'm a great shopper - can make the money go a long way but have little of my own.

    Anyway, she lives with him now and - I guess - was excpecting a parade or something for her 20th.
    He and his girlfriend were celebrating with her at his place on Sunday and I was taking her to a very cool restauarant on Monday. DEX mentioned he was making a cake, so I didn't. I was going to make a small desert and mentioned this when she stopped by. She looked utterly crestfallen.

    Me: Dad said he made a cake (he's an amazing cook, by the way)
    Her: Well, he made MICHAEL (girlfriend's son whose b/day is two days before hers) a cake.
    Me: Looking shocked and sayng nothing.
    Her: And I only got one PIECE. (Looks downcast...) They put sixteen candles on for him because dad didn't have 20 candles (cue the violins)

    Ok, one thing I have to confess: When DEX told me he was making her a cake - I CRIED. Not in front of him, but because this was our first separate birthday AND the first birthday she would not be here when I woke up AND because I can't help but sometimes miss the family I had.

    So - I launch into full rescue mode (I know, I know) and I tell her "We're going to be too suffed tonight for any dessert. How about if I make you a cake on Thursday?"

    Her: Oh AWESOME. I miss your frosting. Can I have a red velvet cake? Oh I can get the episodes of LOST from Netflix (her dad's account) and we can have a cake and lost fest.

    So I feel good for fifteen minutes. I'm upstairs getting ready and DEX calls.

    Him Hey! I notice she took the chain saw (I'd asked to borrow it) but she forgot to bring you some birthday cake. Do you want me to run it over to you?

    Me: Hysterical laughter. Man, I have been HAD.

    So the story comes out. Michael already celebrated his birthday - they'd been on vacation wiht extended family. They came by so DEX could give him a gift and to have difficult child's cake and ice cream. They put candles in the cake in shape of a 20 - he does not recall how many.

    I;ve to to hand it to her. She's good.

    But I think this one is funny.....


    Don't ya wish they'd use it for good ... just sometimes?
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    I always said that if difficult child's could use all their energy they use in being difficult child's in a positive way, they could rule the world. :)
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    If only they would use their powers for good instead of evil...

    Ain't THAT the truth?
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    Much to my suprise, difficult child kept a difficult selling job selling Cutco knives all month. It is a postive way,she sold nerly 2000 dollrs worth. I try to sty positve, look t the strenths. COmpssion
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    Oh so familiar! Yup, difficult children can sell ice to Eskimos...
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    ....I confess.....I may lie for cake.
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    Well, ok so she lied.

    But ya know what? She lied in order to have a cake baked by MOM, as well as Dad, and to spend some quality time with MOM watching Lost episodes.

    Yup. You've been had. And I'd laugh when you see her or find a funny way to let her know YOU know you've been had so you BOTH can laugh about it. Then tell her that it was sweet she wanted to make sure she got to spend some time with YOU for her birthday too. But next time it would be simpler if she just asked. lol