If I could dance the jig, I would!!!

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Just saw my knee ortho this morning and GREAT NEWS!!!!!


The date is January 9th. I am SO psyched!!!! We had a nice chat and he was trying to pursuade me to get a partial, but I persisted. He took another xray (last one was May 2010) and he said even he was shocked at the severe deterioration between then and now and agreed that I needed a full knee replacement. I was giddy as I left the office, then as I neared the elevators, I was overcome with emotion - I had to go in the ladies room to cry - then I was giddy again. I called my 65 y/o sister who just had both knees replaced earlier this year and we both just screamed! She would have had them done 15 years ago but she didn't have insurance, so she had to wait for Medicare. Once that kicked in she made her appointment. I don't want to wait. My quality of life is important to me, I have insurance, why not??

Anyway, I just wanted to share this most excellent news!


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Good news!
Its a long road (Mom had it done on both knees) but worth it.
Just remember... you have to obey the rules. You can do lots - but not everything.
Mom's first one is still going strong after close to 30 years.

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I went in there armed with about 15 questions - I don't want any details about what the surgery entails per se, but I wanted all the afterwards info. Here it is:
How long is surgery? About 1 hour

Estimated recovery time? In joint surgery center for 3 nights (surgery on Monday, release on Thursday)

Which hospital? At St. Francis Joint Center

What is the expected time to last? These replacements usually last about 20 years.

Are there factors that play into the longevity of the replacement knee? Weight and activity levels - no kneeling or running.

How long is the hospital stay? 3 nights at the center, then home with in-home care (Nursing and PT)

How long will I be out of work? 6-8 weeks (possibly longer, depending)

Will I need to go a rehab center? Only if at day 3 I'm not where I should be, which in that case I would be sent to a rehab facility.

If yes, for how long? 3-5 days

How long to drive? 4 weeks

How long for physical therapy? 6 weeks+

So that about covered it for me. I am sure I will have more questions as we get closer. But for now I am elated!!!


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Wow Jo, I guess I am happy for you! The docs are still holding off on me because they dont expect mine to last but maybe 10 years or so but that could be because I will only get the knees that Medicare will pay for. Also my weight doesnt help at all. Im also terrified because I have met several people who are overweight like me who have had it done and it hasnt done any good. But they are really heavy like me, not normal weight folks.


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Janet -
When my Mom had hers done, her knees were so bad she could not walk at all - other than to shuffle for a few feet using gutter canes.
Her knees were the size of volleyballs.
They weren't sure the surgery would even work - but the one thing they could tell her with 99.9% certainty was that, no matter what the outcome, once she got past the surgery she would not have the pain to deal with.
So - already almost 100% wheelchair bound, she didn't have much to lose.... and she still isn't wheelchair-bound 30+ years later (uses it for some things, a walker for others due to a stroke... not because of here knees!)
She almost didn't get to have the surgery - she was "too young" - they were concerned about it lasting. THAT one lasted better than any of the others done since!!

What do you have to gain? What do you have to lose? How much of a difference will it make to your life? How can you change the risk fastors? THEN decide if its worth it.

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I have been walking on air all day! Every time I remember, I scream, "OMG!" as if I just found out! I can hear in his voice that H is nervous about me being out of work for so long, but I have disability through my job, plus a supplemental disability plan that run concurrently so I should be okay. I'll have to rely on the goodness of friends and family more than I'm accustomed to, but again, I should be okay-after all, what choice will I have? I'm feeling so very grateful that I can have this done, I'm crying. My sister had to wait 20 years with horrible pain until she turned 65 and was eligible for Medicare. I feel fortunate that I have decent insurance, as so many do not. Thanks for all the cheers! When the time comes I will call on your 'board energy' to get me through the surgery and recovery.


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Jo - so happy for you!!! My step-dad, father in law and Uncle have all had it done to at least 1 knee. 2 out of the 3 are overweight - but doing great! None regret it!

Recovery can be trying, but worth it in the long run!!


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Jo - so happy for you!!! My step-dad, father in law and Uncle have all had it done to at least 1 knee. 2 out of the 3 are overweight - but doing great! None regret it! Recovery can be trying, but worth it in the long run!! WAHOO!!!
I love hearing the success stories!! Makes me less afraid!! Thanks!


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WELL! Persistence pays off!
I've heard that the healing process is equal to partial and arthroscopic so Way To Go!!!