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    Now that Daniel's medications were changed he has gone back to being my sweet Daniel 85% of the time. We did have an issue with his brother the other night but I don't know if it was Daniel's fly off anger that caused it or real anger at his brother. David has been horrid and Daniel's teasing him does not help.

    Right now David is the only one Daniel has to play with and David plays when HE wants to so things get testy at times...very testy.

    Daniel is now on Haldo 0.5 mg 1/2 tab in the am and 1 tab at night, Lexapro 10 mg in the am, Depakote 500mg at hs and Clonidine 0.1 mg at hs.

    David's dr increased his Abilify from 2mg at night to 2.5 mg in the am and 2.5 mg at night and he has turned into such a mean little boy that has to eat every hr he is awake. Since they only come here once a week it will be Tues before I can get to see someone about him.

    But you know what....at least they are safe and loved here. With all this Casey Anthony trial going on not that far from us in FL I know that if I had not stepped in and taken the boys my late ex daughter in law would have killed one or both of them while my son was at work. Seeing Casey Anthony and hearing her lies and her "all about me" attitude reminded my son and I of Mama Rae.