If our kids had kidney disease, I wonder...


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So today I have read some interesting posts.( Actually raised my hackles a bit) Yesterday, I was told by the "bouncer" at the DBT residential place, "I was a cop in Nigeria and I also work at the detention center. My kids know whats up. They wont run away or do this stuff the kids here do. I think A (my daughter) is getting better, but when she gets out we have no control, that is your job". So in other words, " Mom and dad you are to blame for your daughter's mental illness". Your daughter has done all this because you never taught her "whats up". :groan:

Ok, so when has the brain not been an organ in our bodies? It gets sick like any other body part. I dont know, but do parents of children with kidney disease or leukemia get blamed for the results of their childrens illnesses? Do they get denied life saving treatments (Ok I think they may in these terrible health care times- I don't mean to offend here). I really don't see how we can still be so uneducated as a society about mental illnesses and how we can still have such innapropriate stigmas about them. I also don't understand why there is such slow medical progress on dealing with these illnesses.And.... support in our system, schools, and hospitals is so hard to get.

I have tried so hard and so has husband. There is no greater love and concern and follow through and educating ourselves and, and.... Hardly a week goes by that I don't get slammed. I know better, but really it gets hard to be tephlon all the time.


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I hear ya. I "came out" to my family about depression on my 27th birthday. For the next 5 years my little sister would write in my Birthday card "Don't be sad, be Happy!" Yeah, why didn't I think of that?!?!?! Ironic thing is that she herself suffers from a host of issues, but doesn't realize it. She's single and lives alone, but you know there is a serious problem when a person's co-workers start calling her Chucky.

Ignorance is bliss. I sometimes envy ppl who obviously have issues, but are oblivious to them because they just go on with their lives not worrying about them. They also don't worry about the destruction and devastation they leave behind.


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They don't get that these things are neurological and brain disorders (clinical) not the result of environment (for the most part). I don't even pay attention anymore. They don't get it and I can't change their minds.


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Ew. So that's why this "bouncer" is a bouncer and not a psychiatric. Know what I mean??


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typical ignorant thinking that we should be able to discipline all these problems away. too bad it doesn't actually work like that, huh?


I get this type of thinking from my own family so my boys and I suffer in silence. My mom is CONVINCED that difficult child is the way he is because I spoil him and sister goes along with it. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 5 years old and my mother's response was "oh, so you found a doctor that will go along with what you want". It's so frustrating. I don't even want to tell her that he has been diagnosed with Asperger's because she will disagree about that too. "He just need a good swat on the butt" coming from a person who "spank" her child with a piece of wood for every small infraction (before it became illegal) resulting in a 40-something year old that is still afraid to make mommy mad. Ain't ignorance bliss? NOT!!!