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    *wonders how I missed that thread*

    I met husband thru my cousin Darrin. See, Darrin was going into the Army and he had a major case of Hero worship with his recruiter. Weeks and weeks he drives me crazy wanting me to meet this dude who put him into the Army. Weeks and weeks of cousin Darrin begging me to think about joining myself so he could get a big fat bonus on his own enlistment. lol Lucky I love my cousin like a brother.

    Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and agreed. husband came over and gave me his spiel. So.....to please my cousin, I agreed to test. I scored outragiously high in all areas. And suddenly found myself having to stall because I never had any intention of going into the military......and husband was a nice guy and I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

    So. One night my cousin calls and he says my brother and his fiance wanted to get together at the park. Darrin didn't want to go alone. So on a whim, and totally out of character......I called husband at the recruiting station and asked him out!

    When I got home that night I called my sister and told her I'd just had a first date with the man I'd marry. She told me I was stupid. lol

    Two weeks later husband and I were married. :D A nice little church wedding that almost gave my Mom a stroke.

    That was 25 yrs ago.

    And yes.......in case you're wondering.......my cousin Darrin is who my grandson is named after. My cousin survived his 4 yrs in the Army jumping out of airplanes without a scratch. Came home and was killed in a hit and run motorcycle accident.
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    Hubby and I knew each other in high school, but he was a techno-geek even then, and was just too nervous to ask me out. We were friends, and he hung around me a lot (I tend to "collect" people), but after graduation, that was it.

    Fast forward, twenty years later. He was a delivery driver, and saw my car (parked outside of where I was teaching) in the course of his deliveries. I have a personalized license plate that I've had forever, and he remembered it, and put a note on my car. All the note said was, "If your name is Mary, give me a call." I called, we started dating, and got married four months later, just in time for our twentieth high school reunion. He told me much later that it had taken him about six months to get up the nerve to leave the note.
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    It is a sweet read Suz. Makes me want to smile.
    husband and I didn't fall in love at first site but when the fire ignited we burned hot. We were married quickly and have been pretty happily ignited ever since. :916blusher:
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    Gosh Suz, thanks for resurrecting this thread. It was lovely to read everyone's stories again.

  6. I had been divorced for a couple of years and was getting along pretty well, happy with the single life. One of my college friends called and said that her family had purchased a condo on an island off the coast of our state and she invited me sailing for the weekend.

    I was up for that!

    Her husband had invited his partner and his partner's girlfriend as well. His partner asked me to try my hand at sailing with him, and well, the sun, the sand, and the sea must have worked magic ! As the weekend progressed we all had lots of fun and my future husband and I discovered we had many things in common. The weekend ended, and we all went our separate ways...

    Fast forward a month and future husband called me and asked me out. I was completely shocked as he lived a couple of hours away, and I had never expected to hear from him as he had a girlfriend. He took me out to see a play, we had a romantic dinner, and the rest is history. We maintained a long distance relationship for a couple of years before he decided to move to my city and open a new practice - which was a huge undertaking on his part.

    We've never looked back or regretted it for a moment .. the funny thing is that my friend was kind of upset when we got together. That wasn't part of her plan... LOL
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    What was her plan???? LOL
  8. mustang,

    You know how that goes, she liked us both separately , but not as a couple! Funny how that works out...