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Thanks guys.....for all your support. It is truly amazing - but I do feel better today. It is you guys:)

Terry I am new to this town and they don't have any pet sitting services, so that is what I am attempting to launch. I have a website, and I have been advertising on CraigsList - but it is going to need more than this evidently. It is a very old town, and people are kind of stuck in their ways. They are not "seeking things" because they are content in their town being what it is, nothing more. However, I believe that the concept will catch on, if people will allow a new idea in their heads - as the town is running over with dogs and other animals. It is just is going to take a lot of determination on my part - and that is what I am struggling with - tenacity. I am not so good in believing in things I cannot see in black and white - but I am equally determined not to go back into corporate america. I am also writing and doing a photo/writing diary blog on cowbird.com. My dad left me thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment, and I have been thinking of a way to use it, and I am hoping cowbird will be the answer. I am praying my whole life will come together in the way I have it envisioned - because I have sacrificed a lot to go this route.

Thanks for the continued support.


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I haven't scrolled down, I will later, but just checking in... How are you doing today Steely??? DId you get any sleep?