If you have a disabled kid...I learned something about disability payments that's BIG

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Today difficult child#1 and I had "the meeting" to verify he is going to receive money from the government for the past years when he was denied disability. It's really good news that there will be a lump sum check and monthly income plus medical coverage.

    The BIG news I want to share is this...the representative told me that if you keep records of the medical costs you have paid out of pocket during the "wait" period it "likely" will be reimbursed upon approval for Medicaid/Medicare. I am shocked. I don't know that I can retrieve those paid medical expenses as I have not thought it was important to add that task. Oops. It's thousands of bucks that may go down the drain.

    If you are aiming for Disability keep track of everything as the months go by. Also keep in mind that if you apply for Disability and are turned down you must consistently keep up the quest because if you wait a year or two before reactivating the request you will NOT get credit for the time period that was dormant.

    that is the lesson of the day, LOL. DDD
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    Thanks for the lesson. Wish it applied to me with the medical costs but it IS good to know. As for continuing to fight, you're darn right I'm going to. I don't think difficult child 1 will ever be able to live his life without some supports. Not intensive ones but many "minor" ones like budgeting, cooking, medication reminders, etc......UNLESS some kind of miracle happens in the next ..... say ........20 years. He told me when he was younger that he was always going to live with me because he didn't want me to be alone. Little did he or I know how true the first part is likely to be. SIGH
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    Works the same way with mediacaid too.

    Now, DDD, he or you can probably go to the docs or get in touch with the docs/places he used (and you paid for) and get a copy of the bills with it stating that it was paid. You can give that to them.

    Medicaid will pay all medication bills 6 months back.
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    Thanks, DDD, and congrats!
  5. DDD

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    Hound are you sure it is six months? The Rep inferred all five years. I will be contacting the various MD's that we can remember, the pharmacy, the walk in clinics etc. because six months ago I "cleaned house" and tossed old checkbooks etc. Bummer! DDD
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    Oh, I meant 6 months for welfare insurance, not disability. Most people don't realize when you go onto medicaid that they back pay bills too......so don't think to turn them in.
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    DDD... for future ref? All bills, receipts, and financial and medical info... should be kept for seven years.

    Now, I don't keep grocery receipts that long... but once or twice, I wished I'd kept them longer than 6 months.
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    Insane I'm hoping since I itemize that there are receipt with the 1040 etc. but what a PIA to face that now. I am tired and this "representative payee" stuff is going to be another stressor. Whine...whine...Whine! LOL, DDD
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    Whimper. Howl.

    My list keeps getting longer, too.