If you like Emily (Batchlorette) don't read this please

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    I wanted to give that disclaimer so as not to offend anyone who does. Not that I 100% don't but I wanted to bring this link to others who may not have come across it and are curious to some more information. Seems Emily is all about the "money".
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    I'm not sure if it was Kathy or Suz or Nancy but one of our family members responded a season or two ago when I posed the question "how much do these people get paid?" Whoever answered gave a sizable figure that the Bachelor received and then they (or someone else) added that the girls didn't even get a wardrobe for their participation. If the "Prince" and "Brad" and the other successful males got mega bucks then I hope Emily at least gets equal pay for equal work.

    by the way, my Mother's generation and those before her used to stress "it's just as easy to fall in love and marry a man with money as it is to marry one without". One of my sorority sisters was a brilliant student and drop dead gorgeous. We thought she was kidding when she said she was going to marry money first and then "maybe" marry for love later. At around 25 she married a gentleman who was almost 75. He had no family. They traveled the world together for the remainder of his life and enjoyed each other's company. I hope Emily finds love and money. DDD