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    husband and I are in the midst of hellish mortgage koi. We haven't gotten anywhere with the company's customer relations number mainly because we get people across the globe and they tell us there is no way we can speak to someone actually in the States.



    Apparently they don't know who they are dealing with. I'm going to share what I did in the hopes that it may help one of you down the road.

    First, I looked on Company O's website and found a physical address for their headquarters. (That has to be an actual street address and not a PO box). Then I went to whitepages.com and did a reverse search on the address. That gave me a list of employees and phone numbers. In this case the phone number was their main number and I couldn't find extensions but I did get a nice long list of employees and their titles. From there I googled the phone number. THAT gave me alllllllllllllllllllll sorts of information. Heck, I can even tell you how much the president of the company makes. ($1.48 MILLION...and we're trying to modify because of a measly $60,000 balloon payment? Geesh.) I found various sites with email addys for some of these people, an extension or two and all sorts of info on the business itself.

    So if you are in a similar situation...get creative. Google everything you have on the company....you never know what will pop up.

    Also, there is a website that lists short cuts and ways to get an actual person at various companies when dealing with an automated phone system. It is gethuman.com
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    Just in the 45 minutes or so since we shot off an email to the president and made a call to a person on the list I found.....husband has spoken with a Vice President and a couple of other employees. :bigsmile:
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    Great Detective Work Stang....:goodluck::stalker:
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    Thanks stang!! I have done what you did to get a much needed phone number and contact person- but the site you listed for getting to an actual human for some businesses is greatly appreciated!!
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    *Insert Mr. Burns impression here complete with the rubbing of the hands*


    I was out running errands a little before six when husband called me. It seems that the email I had sent to the mortgage company's president caused a bit of an uproar....hence the phone calls we started getting. We didn't hear exactly what was said but the president forwarded my email on and added a few comments of his own that were of a very unhappy nature. So, in the span of about 6 hours, we accomplished what we've been trying to do for THREE MONTHS! Our mortgage has been rewritten, no longer has a balloon payment and also includes taxes and insurance where it hadn't previously. We should get the paperwork to sign on Tuesday so we can finalize everything.

    If I do say so myself....


    I've been giggling ever since.
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    I LOVE google!