if you see a relapse of drug/alcohol use coming on

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by antsmom, Feb 20, 2008.

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    the lead line:
    There seems to be two basic categories for parents when they feel that a relapse for their teen is around the corner. Which category do you fit in?

    read the entire article for more insight-

    the last paragraph in this article:
    You are powerless to create in your teen a willingness or a desire to recover. However, you are not powerless as far as sending action-based messages. The rule of thumb to follow is this one: doing something to send an action-based message is better than doing nothing. And generally, it will do one thing for you right away. You will feel better right away. You will feel better because you are not doing nothing. Doing nothing creates extreme anxiety. Doing something helps ease the pressure.
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    Thanks, Janet. I wanted to acknowledge the usefulness of this info. I'm always afraid my daughter will go back to drugs. So far she hasn't, but it's good to be armed in advance and I appreciate this heads up (sigh). Are we ever free???
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    Midwest mom beat me to the punch.

    >>>You are powerless to create in your teen a willingness or a desire to recover<<<

    So very true

    >>>Doing nothing creates extreme anxiety. Doing something helps ease the pressure.<<

    So important for parent to remember when they find themselves dealing with substance abuse. So often the parent is trying to fix everything and gets caught up in the stress of it all that they forget that action is needed to be taken.

    Thanks Janet, for the informative articles.
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    Thank you VERY MUCH for posting this. I haven't read the article (yet), but the last paragraph you C&P'd in explains a lot about why I feel the need to act the way I do. Maybe it's fruitless, but I feel the need to do something, even if it's in vain. As I said in another thread, I'd rather have tried and failed to stop something bad from happening than to have done nothing at all. I might not survive the misery, self-doubt and second-guessing that would come after a tragedy where I did nothing.

    Thank you very much. You are a special person here, and I always look forward to your posts.

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    Janet! So good to see you around! Hope all is well with you and hope that Ant's using his time wisely!

    miss you
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    Thanks Beth!
    It was my "growing up" years spent here from 2003-2007-sorta like my high school times. :) I popped back in due to a request to share info from a friend who is a moderator of a parent survival site.

    Time certainly is precious to all of us, and I do appreciate the blessings of each day!