Ignorance of Others

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    Ya know how some people just don't think before they do something? We had just that last night. We had a good day with- difficult child and Nana (mother in law) so we invited her over to swim with- the kids after helping her work in her yard. She came over and brought Papa (he had been on the road earlier and didn't know he was coming). So Papa decided to look for something to throw into the pool for the kids to find. easy child 2 found it and I couldn't see what it was. Papa says nonchalantly, "oh it's just one of those little swiss army knives". :surprise: HELLO!! :mad: This is the same type of knife difficult child took to school in May and then on top of the fire starting and choking the cat ~ yeah, not too smart there Papa.
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    Sounds like he was worn out from being on the road and his common sense was lacking! I'm glad there was no mishap before you discovered it. In addition to the sheer inappropriateness, I'm thinking knife and pool liner are not a good combo.
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    Glad there were no mishaps with that. As Christy said, knife and pool liner are not a good combination. Not to mention, knife and difficult child.

    Maybe Papa was tired and not thinking straight. However, a lot of family members and friends truly struggle to understand the depth of our difficult children' issues. Something that would be relatively harmless with a typical child could set of World War 3 for our kids.
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    TR ~ That was exactly how therapist told Nana yesterday .... age appropriate kids can know the difference between starting a burn barrel and lighting toilet paper on fire in the house; but difficult child sees it as, "it's ok for me to light a fire" regardless of where it is.

    I used the burn barrel as a real life example because Nana had been letting difficult child light the burn barrel ~ we found out on Monday night and husband told her not to do it again. She didn't understand why, until therapist drew it out for her.

    The pool liner was the least of my worries at that moment lol
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    CTMA, you hit the nail on the head.
    A lot of our difficult children have trouble understanding boundaries and limits. If something is okay in one context, then it's always okay. With my difficult child so many things over the years have been "No. Absolutely not!" just because I know that it would lead to a lot of trouble.

    The fire thing still scares me silly. husband and I are doing a big house clean right now in preparation for an end-of-summer yard sale, and we keep finding things with burn marks on them from where difficult child lit them on fire. I hate to think of how many times he could have burned the house down. And this was with us keeping matches under lock and key ALL THE TIME.

    Glad that nothing went wrong despite Papa's not thinking.

  6. Big Bad Kitty

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    Oh Calgon...

    Papa probably thought "hey I'll do something fun for the kids...I'll throw something in the pool for them to find! Hmm, let's see...what do I have in my pocket...oh, this will do!"

    Some people just do not have the capability of thinking things ALL the way through.

    I am glad nobody was hurt!
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    Um, what ever happened to throwing a couple of quarters in the bottom of the pool?

    Although I do remember my dad saying more than once if he was strong enough he'd toss boulders in for us! lol

    Nana and Papa aren't used to the idea of difficult child's (not that it would have been the best move with typical kids - not every kid that lights a fire inappropriately is a difficult child!).

    We live and hopefully they'll learn!