i'll add mine since school is on everyones mind today--first meeting this year.

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    i dont even know where to begin. and this will probably ramble since its a hard thing to follow and know all sides of, even for me, and i live it--so bear with me. its also hard because i dont want to put too many identifying details in so....

    I met with the 4 main teachers and casemgr today. i was braced for it, of course, but from what i can see its been a pretty good year. and my difficult child says its all "fine" when asked how its going....since you have your own difficult child's, well, take that fwiw.

    i'm not sure if they were told to air complaints or what, but all i heard was the usual...
    a bit disrespectful (there wasnt a pattern here, it was occasional, across the board), a
    bit lazy, and a bit "defiant". all on the heels of school therapist trying to get her to be more assertive. far beats sitting in a corner sobbing for most of the day.

    it was also noted, yet again, just how ridiculously smart she is. a standard test came back and once again, she scored high. VERY high. during a full blown, not exaggerating, diagnosed psychotic event.

    so on that level, i'm cool. tenatively happy even (its early in the year, lol). i'm sure thats all true, with some explanation. the main complaintant of these "behaviors" centers around a GINORMOUS explanation.

    a core course is split into two periods. not an issue, actually good, in theory.

    except, once again, defying common sense, *SHE HAS TWO DIFF TEACHERS, ON TWO COMPLETELY DIFF LEVELS*

    i addressed this last year. i was assured it was specific to the last grade. no one with half a brain could anticipate this.

    the main teacher she is disrespectful of is the regED portion. because she has no idea wth is going on, BECAUSE he teaches most of the kids for both blocks and continues on from the first block of the day. so she MISSES the first 45 min of the lesson. and they admitted this was true. this person is a difficult child themselves, and doesnt get why she is on the miserable side, and is taking it very personal....also can't really comprehend that the frustration level is *HUGE* (forget the other 11 kids this affects--they are so far lost they were on oceanic flight 816). the first teacher says mine does NOT belong in her block to begin with and is supportive and acknowledges this is a massive problem with the program.

    so now, i'm once again fighting with the school over this ridiculous situation and "we" are trying to resolve it. in brainstorming, which accomplished ZERO, it was mentioned maybe we could try what worked last year. which, to be honest, was a HUGE burden on *ME* (who else?!) and is really a last resort.

    the logical thing to anyone with said half a brain is to just go with one teacher. it would be better all around.

    except to have a kid difficult child and an adult difficult child in the same room 2X might be the death of all involved.

    i just want to give up.

    i'm tired of there never being a good answer for my difficult child. i'm sick of fighting over things that defy logic. i've never seen a human being work as hard as she does, but have more stumbling blocks than any other kid i know--almost all of which are beyond her control.

    all because the adults "dont know what to do"....