I'll be near a couple of you Saturday

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  1. mstang67chic

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    But...no time to meet. :( My grandma is FINALLY moving over here from Ohio. We have an apartment for her and are getting her and her stuff on Saturday. Of course....it's turning into a cross country trek! LOL Some of her stuff is in NC, the rest of it is with her in OH and it's all getting loaded up and brought to IN.

    Saturday, my dad, uncle and I are going over. We'll get her packed up, get stuff loaded on the truck that another uncle is bringing from NC and then we'll drive the truck, her and her car back here.

    Sunday we'll be moving all of the stuff into her apartment and then the real fun begins! LOL She's already got plans made up for me. She wants me to help organize all of her papers which is quite the chore as Grandpa kept EVERYTHING. Isn't there a list somewhere online that tells you how long you need to keep stuff? I also volunteered to help her get things organized in general the way she wants and I'm sure she's got more plans for me! LOL And of course, she's already called dibs on a couple of jars of jelly. (WHICH reminds me....Ktmom!!!!....thanks for the grape jelly flair on FB....made me shudder at the thought!!!!! :rofl: )

    That's fine though. This is the first time in my entire life she's lived less than an hour from me. Before now, the closest she's been was 3 hours.

    So yeah....there are a couple of you close by or along the way. I won't have time to stop but I'll wave as I drive through! :peaceful:
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    Are you sure you won't have time to stop? As I know I'm one you'll be passing on the way. :) And you know how close I am. ;) lol I mean, there are always potty breaks that need to be taken.................and of course a person has got to eat...........

    And my downstairs ought to be presentable by then. Of course you'd have to excuse that husband and I are in the middle of shampooing the diningroom and livingroom carpets which are both disgusting........so it's gonna take a few times.......and my yard looks like the house has been abandoned. lol (too much time taken up on getting the inside back into order) :rofl:

    If grandma is moving closer.........will you still have an excuse to pass thru here once in a while???

    Good luck with moving her. OMG we just now got the house sold for mother in law. (don't ask) That's why I'm doing all the cleaning now........the kids are moved out........and now I can move her furniture into the main house. :D

    Praying for a smooth transition and beautiful weather. (but I hear the weather is supposed to be wonderful)

  3. mstang67chic

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    If Dad wasn't going, I MIGHT have been able to squeeze it in. With Dad there? No way. As it is, I will be staying at his house Friday night so we can be on the road BY 8:00am. He has a schedule and by golly we'll be sticking to it. Besides..we're driving over, packing, loading and driving back. Ugh. AND I have the feeling that I'm going to be the one driving Grandma's car containing Grandma and unless your house is spotless....you don't want her there. ;)

    Yes though, there are still some family there. Not many anymore but a few. LOL
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Well darn. And no..........I haven't reached spotless yet. If you saw my kitchen at the moment you'd probably scream. We spent today cleaning out Nichole's old room and the "livingroom" and you can guess where everything we didn't know what to do with got put.......yup, the kitchen. I'm now trying to clear enough space to fix us something to eat. lol After supper, if I'm not too exhausted, I'm gonna try to sort thru and put away some of this stuff in the kitchen. ugh

    I'm actually glad easy child cancelled on going to see Travis tonight. It will let me get the 2 rooms shampooed before morning and speed up the moving furniture process. We'll be going tomorrow afternoon instead.

    I had to lol at your Dad. My Mom is like that when planning a trip, so I understand too well. ;) Hope it goes smoothly. And hope Grandma enjoys being closer. Meanwhile.......drop by when you pick another relative to visit. :D

    Safe trip.
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    Sorry you aren't coming to California...but I guess that would be a bit out of the way...
  6. mstang67chic

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    Maybe just a little! ;)
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well just not close enough TO ME. :(

    I think you should just........move GRANDMA HERE. lol - but then wait - I want to move....there....so this isnt' going to work out at ALL.

    We shall have to think about this smore..

    ANd did you think that Sealy was going to REALLY tell Bones he loved her loved her? Ack......I hate Sweets for doing the PET scan version of why he loved her. I just want to smack him.

    Didn't Cyndi Lauper look great? Wow - she's lost a lot of weight. Good for her. And Cam knew Sealy loved Bones - HA.....But then tells him not to tell her - Ugh....Up down UP down......

    And what was up with the pregnant thing?
  8. mstang67chic

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    Wellllllll, you know.....the house my Grandma is moving out of belongs to my aunt and uncle. I believe they are considering renting it out. It's a (parking) crowded street but reasonably quiet, fenced back yard, covered patio area out back. Three bedrooms, 2 baths, laundry room, cellar...and I can get there in 3 1/2 hours flat. ;) Oh...and it's right behind the public library. The area around that town is gorgeous, lots of parks, lakes and rivers.

    You KNOW they are going to drag the whole attraction thing out between Booth and Bones. If they actually got together it would change the whole dynamic and they aren't going to do that. As for the pregnant thing...I don't know if I missed something last season or what but apparently when Booth was in a coma, he dreamed that he and Bones were together and she was pregnant. I think Sweets was kind of right about the PET scan but not in the way he thinks. I think the dream kind of kicked Booth's hiney into realizing what he's been hiding even from himself.....he really IS in love with Bones. Everyone knows it, Cam was just the only one to say anything.

    I thought Cyndi looked great too! husband, of course, commented on how she was showing her age. :slap: Well gee.....it was 25 years ago when she hit big and wore a LOT more make up at the time. I've always liked her....she seems like she would be fun in real life.
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    And back to the house.....large living room, eat in kitchen, large downstairs master bedroom with it's own bath and what could be a sitting room. Originally the house was just a 2 bedroom with attic space. The master bedroom was a walkthrough to the second with the smaller bathroom between the two bedrooms. They renovated, opened up the upstairs, put 2 bedrooms up there and updated the smaller downstairs bath. Both baths now have shower/tubs but the master is a bit smaller than the other one. They are both on the main floor though.

    It's a creaky, lived in house but it's nice and it's comfortable. It will be wierd not having family living there anymore. I've been going to that house since I was a kid. But it wouldn't be as bad if someone I knew was living there! :bigsmile: