I'm a grandma again!

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    Son #2 and K had a baby girl Thursday! There were some complications with the delivery, K had low platelets but the baby (and K now) are fine and went home today. I'd almost forgotten how tiny a newborn can be...Miss KT was almost 10 pounds.

    They named the baby Charlotte Rose. No word yet on how Maddie is reacting to her new sister.
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    Oh! How wonderful!!! Huge Congrats!!! :)
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    How wonderful! Congratulations to all!:congratualtions:Charlotte is a beautiful name.
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    That's wonderful! Congrats! And I absolutely love the name, so classy and harmonic.
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    Beautiful name. Congrats. Glad they're home and healthy now.
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    Congrats! So glad they are both home and healthy. Love the name!
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    Congratulations!! I just love the name Charlotte.
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    I love the name too. Congrats!
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    Congratulations, a beautiful name.........
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