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    We had another family therapy session with difficult child and therapist via phone and I am happy to report that he is doing well. He was moved to a different unit (in case I hadn't told you yet) because he was defenduing another kid and it caused a physical issue between the other two boys. They told difficult child that he needs to learn how to let other fight their own battles and the other boys needs how to handle kids that are picking on him.
    Anyway difficult child reported that last week a new kid was placed there and he knew him from a different facility. This kid started picking on difficult child and making comments about our family which is a HUGE trigger for difficult child but the therapist said that he handled the situation very well and has advised the staff and set up a mediation. (Very Good)
    He is really happy-he is going to take his last test to get his GED-that was quick. FYI our oldest started several months ago and still isn't near finishing. Then since he will have his GED he will no longer have to go to school so they are going to help him get a part time job. They are also going to look into him taking a summer college prep class.
    He seems so together and happy. It feels my heart with joy. Thank you God - please continue the great work!!!:D:D:D:D
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    Glad to hear how well things are going!
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    Yes, glad to hear the good news and I hope it keeps up!