I'm amazed at how much the govt can stir things up

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    difficult child is on SSI and I am his payee representative. I THOUGHT I had things straightened out from when he was in jail/prison and still received checks even after I called repeatedly to alert them.


    Yeah, then I got a letter on Thursday that pretty much messed everything up again.

    Long story short, difficult child was initially locked up mid November 2010 and didn't see freedom again until last month. Even though I called repeatedly, the checks still came during that time. The day he got out, husband and I took difficult child to the Social Sec. office where we showed them his discharge papers and returned a couple of the checks. A week or so later, I had found the majority of the rest (still can't find 2) and took them in. Their system shows that I: DID notify them, that the checks STILL came and that none of the checks were cashed. So....I returned these checks like I was supposed to. Last Thursday, I get a letter telling me that his payments are SUSPENDED because ONE bleeping check from May of LAST YEAR was returned to the US Treasury and that I needed to contact my local office. Kind of makes me wonder if I"m going to get a letter like this for the other 13 flippin' checks.

    All of this because THEY messed up.
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    Boy, you sure have that right. They make the mistakes, but their staff is (I hate to use this word) stoooooooooopid and because of that we can penalized even when we do the right thing. I am Sonic's legal guardian and am already frustrated (and it's only been two months). My empathy is with you.
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    So irritating, you do the right thing and twenty more things have to be done or undone... man oh man.....
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    No wonder people who fraud the system get away with it. They are reward while people trying to do the right thing are punished.
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    Problems like this are why my social security # is still in my maiden name. I tried to change it three times and each time they messed it ALL up. THey have told me numerous times that they can 'guarantee' that it will be done right. I am not trying it. I just add the maiden name to things when needed.
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    Oh tell me about it. Someone has stolen Cory's identity and is working all over this country. About every six to 10 months we will get a letter telling us that they are going to make him pay back money he got back years ago because he supposedly worked some place. These places could be in NJ, FL, AZ, CA, any old state but never in NC.