I'm amused by difficult child#1's grocery shopping.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Nov 16, 2011.

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    He has been doing grocery shopping for the past couple of months and is really proud of how "good" he is getting. I make a list with notes showing c for coupon, 1/1 for buy one get one free, details on brands and sizes etc. So far he hasn't followed "all" of the notes but most of them. Weird things pop up like the difference between sweet butter and lightly salted...doesn't click. He always get the salted. Hmmm...

    What's amusing me is that he is paying attention to what his peers buy and is really proud that he has bought boxed dinners on the cheap. I think they are made by Banquet. They are cheap. They are filling. Fifty years ago when I was in my 20's I bought boxed dinners too. Now?? It's strange to be preparing prepared meals when I'm a cook from scratch Mama. difficult child#1 is going to be so proud that tonight we are having "his" dinner. I do not look at the ingredient labels, lol. DDD
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    You are a good Mama! This is how he will learn what he likes and what he doesn't, and how he will learn to handle money and his food needs. Being able to laugh at his choices that are not what you would buy is good. It lets him ahve a chance to experiment and learn, where insisting he get only what you would get stifles that learning.

    It is cute that he knows what his peers are buying and is proud when you cook something he has chosen!
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    Yep, difficult child eats mostly packaged foods. She's a veggie junkie, thankfully, so she eats a lot of those steamers meals with veggies and rice (they do have a lot of salt, however). When she makes something from scratch, which is VERY rare, she brags for weeks! And she exclaimed, "Mommy! I made sugar cookies!" so when I asked for one she handed me one of those cut and bake Pillsbury sugar cookies with the picture in the middle. I nearly choked with laughter, but just said to her, "MmmmmMMm, delish".

    I think it's sweet that you're eating 'his' cooking!
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    How cool. I still buy those banquet dinners...lmao.
  5. Bunny

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    My kids love those Banquet dinners.
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    As a little girl, I can remember choosing my TV dinner by the dessert included. Those brownies cooked at 400 degrees for an hour in tinfoil next to the peas and carrots never tasted as good as they looked...

    and the BURNED tongues - OUCH!

    I am dating myself... TV dinners were a special treat when we had a babysitter back in the early 70s

    I was more of a pot pie kinda girl LOL
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    I always buy lightly salted butter. I never knew there was something different until a couple years ago when a recipe called for unsalted butter.

  8. Star*

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    I'm impressed he SHOPS period!