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    I hadn't heard from the security officer in HI since a week ago last Friday and I last corresponded with the HR person last Monday. I'm trying not to bug these people but the HR person last told me that it would be a few days before I get an answer. Yesterdday, I sent a short email to the security officer asking if my clearance had been approved or not. This afternoon I sent an email to the HR person asking if a decision had been made. I haven''t gotten any response at all from either. This makes me wonder if maybe they were getting all this stuff in from more than just me and are waiting for another person to make a decision first, before they can respond to me. I know employers in private business will do that, but I didn't think the fed government would go so far with a clearance process with more than one person at a time.

    Anyway, this is dragging out so long that my inept ability in patience is being tried beyond belief.

    I met with difficult child's therapist today- it was supposed to be family therapy but she got my letter yesterday so she wanted to meet with me privately. I might update on that later. I'm going to the bank and to mail CS payment and maybe I'll have an email when I get back shortly. Shewww....

    Sorry for the whine.
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    No, understandable whine. Believe me. It was pure-D H-E-double-hockey-sticks here. See I grandfathered out of the prerequirement, but I had to work and couldn't do half my job for a while. It hoovered big time.
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    Urgghh.... this is the response I got:

    I emailed back asking if this meant it was going thru, when would I know for sure, and letting her know that I would need a "window" of time that would be acceptable for my arrival because I had to coordinate it with other people here.

    This would be so much easier if I had an option and could just forget about this job. LOL! difficult child wants us to go so bad though that he can't see straight.